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what do public utilities jobs pay

Are you searching for the answer to what do public utilities jobs pay? If yes, then you have reached the right place. 

While a lot of people lost their jobs in the year 2020, a number of people also got their jobs back. But when you go to search for the best jobs in any sector, you might want to know how that particular sector pays.

If you are looking for the answer to what do public utilities jobs pay, then you have to scroll down. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more…

What Are Public Utilities?

What Are Public Utilities

Before jumping into the topic and explaining about the jobs in this sector, it is crucial that you understand what the public utility industry is.

The public utilities industry or sector is the one that provides utilitarian services and goods to the general public. They are the organizations that maintain several infrastructures for the public in the society. These infrastructures are the ones that are in control of the general public.

These enterprises are involved in providing certain classes of the services to the public. These can include services that are related to water, electricity, gas, communication, power supply, and many other things that the people of the society use.

Before entering this industry, you must know how many jobs are available in public utilities and what their salary packages are. Depending on these two pieces of information you can create your next career goal.

What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

Now, coming to the most important part of the topic. What do public utilities jobs pay? If that is the answer that you are looking for, then you have reached your destination.

According to reports, public utilities jobs, on average, pay nearly $58,000 every year. There are a lot of people who work in this industry. Some of them work as safety engineers, while others work as a lineman in the sector of public utilities.

Public Utilities Jobs Pay

The jobs of the people working in the public utilities sector depend on their post or position. However, every one of them is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the infrastructure that they are working on is maintained properly.

Some of the people who are workers of the public utilities are responsible for cleaning the area under their control. But, at the same time, the others are responsible for manufacturing the equipment that the sector needs.

How Many Jobs Are Available In The Public Utilities?

The public utilities selector has a massive effect on the economy of the US. This sector provides essential services to millions of US citizens every day. Some of the service provided by this sector includes electricity, natural gas, water supply, sewage removal, etc.

Just as big as this industry is, it has a massive number of workers as well. 

There are more than 675775 workers across the US who work in the public utilities sector. More so, the job vacancies in this sector have been increasing slowly but steadily. 

From 2017 to 2023, there has been a 0.5% growth in the public utilities sector. As the US population grows in size, they will require more people to work in this sector. 

Go through the section below to find out about the best jobs in the public utilities sector.

10 Of Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities In 2023

Now that you know what do public utilities jobs pay, it is time for you to know what are the best-paying public utilities jobs. Here is a list of some of the jobs in the public utilities that pay well:

1. Natural Gas Distribution Manager

Natural Gas Distribution Manager

Average Salary: $148,600 per year

The task of the Natural Gas Distribution manager is to ensure that he or she is taking care of the distribution of natural gas in the area they are working at. Their main job roles are associated with the operations, monitoring, and maintenance of the various field equipment of the natural gas distributions.

They check whether the distribution of natural gas has to be equal, and that is something that is very important for becoming a great Natural Gas Distribution manager.

2. Utility Manager

Utility Manager

Average Salary: $74,000 per year

The task of the Utilities Manager is to ensure that they maintain the working of the specific industry. Utility managers require pieces of knowledge of the industry operations. Every industry requires different knowledge for running operations.

In addition, they are responsible for supervising the tasks of the people who are working under them and, at the same time, being able to meet the needs and demands of the public in their area.

3. Valve Technician

Valve Technician

Average Salary: $54,000 per year

The main task of the valve technician is to ensure that they are able to test and repair the working of the valves. Velve technicians are also working in different sectors like water distribution and gas distributions sectors.

There are several types of valves that they might be responsible for maintaining, like safety relief valves, ball valves, and many more.

4. Lineman


Average Salary: $26,000 per year

Also known as the line inspector, the task of the lineman who works in the power sector is varied and extremely crucial for the working of the entire system. They are responsible for making sure that the installation of the parts of the power infrastructure is safely done.

Linemen are also responsible for repairing faulty installs and for maintaining the underground as well as overhead power lines.

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5. Plant Operator

Plant Operator

Average Salary: $37,000 per year

The task of the plant operator is to manage all the minor as well as the major operations of the power plant. They are also responsible for maintaining compressors and other essential processing equipment. Yes, plant operator’s jobs also come under the public utilities.

Often new joiners are asking about What do public utilities jobs pay before starting their career in plant operations. Yes, do not require any higher academic qualifications plant operator jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in the public utility sectors.

6. Operator Of Water Treatment Plant

Operator Of Water Treatment Plant

Average Salary: $47,880 per year

Water treatment plant jobs are one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. The job duties of the plant operators are to take care of the equipment, operations, and other processes. 

This plant has operations to purify the waters and make them safe for humans and other living beings consumable. Any bachelor’s degree student can start their career in this department. Your high school graduation degrees are enough to start your career in this department.

7. Plumber


Average Salary: $59,880 per year

The job responsibilities of the plumbers are to install, repair and maintain the plumbing equipment. Consumers are hiring plumbers to take care of all these tasks. Along with the maintenance during the malfunctions of the shower drain and unclogging toilet, consumers often seek help from plumbers.

The best advantage of starting a career in this field is you will get two income opportunities. You can give the service through the government; another one is offering the service as an individual plumber.

8. Powerline Engineer

Powerline Engineer

Average Salary: $101,780 per year

The power systems engineering works fall into the category of the electrical engineering department. The powerline engineer’s jobs are to analyze and optimize the power of transmission systems.

They study the power system and then do the powerline testing. They do the data collection from the other suppliers and subcontractors, along with the other sources. The power system engineers work on the management, study, and analysis along with maintaining the power transmissions and process.

9. Technician Of Wind Turbine

Technician Of Wind Turbine

Average Salary: $56,260 per year

What do public utilities jobs pay when you are a professional wind turbine technician? Wind turbine maintenance and manufacturing both types of jobs are associated with the electrical departments’ maintenance and installations. The wind turbine technicians are working on the wind turbine manufacturing and maintenance works.

Before entering into this industry, keep some points in your mind. One is often during maintenance; engineers have to climb up on the top to find the causes of the faults. So before starting the work, you must wear safety gear and maintain the industry safety standard.

10. Administrative Work

Administrative Work

Average Salary: $39,680 per year

The admin professionals of the public utility sectors are working on several administrative works like data entry and other papers work. If you like to grow your career in this field, then your high school graduation degree is enough to start.

The job duties of the administrative personnel are to take care of answering the phones, data entry, taking notes, then doing the faxes, etc. These jobs are more like the jobs of the virtual assistants. Knowledge about the different tools utilizations are adding advantages.

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11. Petroleum Supply Specialist

Petroleum Supply Specialist

Average Salary: $48000

The petroleum supply specialist usually works in the government’s agencies, where they take care of the logistics related to the supply of petroleum. They oversee the transportation, reception, and storage of petroleum in bulk. They also work with petroleum goods supply.

12. Field Service Technician

Field Service Technician

Average Salary: $47000 

The onsite installation of different types of utilities requires the help of a field service technician. They also help with and oversee the repair and maintenance of these utilities. They are skilled in diagnosing different problems and finding solutions for those problems. Field service technicians offer different solutions to customers during their field visits and answer customers’ queries. 

13. Environmental Planner

Environmental Planner

Average Salary: $74400 

Buildings and construction projects have many contaminating effects on the environment. That is why the environmental planner works in public utilities. The environmental planner is one of the most crucial jobs in the public utilities sector. They find different ways to distribute fuel, eater, and different resources. They also oversee many of the projects running in the specific utility company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have almost reached the end of this article, it is important that you learn more about what do public utilities jobs pay and other things related to the same. You might want to check out some of these questions that readers frequently ask about public utility jobs.

1. What Is The Largest Public Utility Company In The World?

Ans: The biggest and largest company in the line of public utilities in the United States of America is the PG&E, CA. This is the acronym that is used to refer to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, which is based in California.

2. How Many Types Of Utility Companies Are There?

Ans: There are more than a thousand types of utility companies in the world. There are utility services that the government owns or an individual owns. Some of the common types of public utility services are retail, wholesale, natural gas, sewage, etc.

3. Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

Ans: The Public utility industry is a great career path as it helps you to get the exposure you need for various sectors of work. It also is a very well-paid job that makes this sector one of the most preferred sectors.

Wrapping It Up!

The public utility industry is a sector where the workers are supposed to work for the people. They provide electricity, water, and other essential goods and services. They are also responsible for ensuring that any trouble in their industry is dealt with efficiently.

In case you were searching for the answer to what do public utilities jobs pay, I hope that you found all the answers that you were looking for through this article. If there are, however, any other queries related to the same, please feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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