Ways To Design Your Office Building Professionally And Automated

by Management 24 February 2023

Design Your Office Building

A “smart” office is perceived as a workspace with sensor systems that are responsible for microclimate, lighting, security, and multimedia equipment. Speaking of the actual place of work, we should mention everywhere known adjustable standing desks with their great feature to set up the most convenient height of the table top for both standing and sitting. To find out more about different smart desk models, follow this page https://www.progressivedesk.ca/ and enjoy absolutely new solutions.

It also includes workplaces with the integration of cloud services, with the help of which employees can work together on projects, switch between a laptop and a smartphone, remotely control office equipment and automate routine tasks.

And these are not technologies of the future – many companies, including small ones, are implementing them into their work processes today.

Internet Of Things For Your Smart Office Space

Internet Of Things For Your Smart Office Space

Systems that manage the workspace are becoming more popular among companies. According to official research, the market for smart office devices will grow to $46.11 billion by 2023, doubling from 2017. This is because such technological solutions can significantly reduce energy costs, improve employee safety and even prevent theft.

Smart office solution providers can equip the workspace with sensors that monitor temperature, occupancy, light, and other parameters.

The climate control system is responsible for a comfortable atmosphere. Sensors help monitor room temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels. If the office becomes too hot or stuffy, the system will open the windows or turn on the air conditioner. And then turn off the ventilation to keep the temperature normal and save energy.

There is also a separate system that controls the light. Light sensors monitor the amount of light and notify the system – in the daytime, it will automatically open the curtains so as not to waste excess electricity. Thus, the system maintains comfortable conditions for employees and saves on resources.

Also, smart office devices monitor security. For example, if the system detects a short circuit, it will turn off the power supply and report the problem. And the leak protection system itself will find the problem and turn off the taps, even if there is no one in the office.

Motion sensors, window openings, video surveillance, and access systems will automatically monitor who, when, and how entered the building. If an outsider enters the room, the system will notify the security service, and turn on the light, and alarm.

To optimize office space, the system can calculate how many employees occupied the meeting room, and how long the desktop was empty. This allows you to determine the workload of the premises and optimize the office space so that none of the offices is empty. In addition, the system helps to search for free conference rooms and book them.

Sensational Computer Standing Desks

Forget about constantly sitting in front of your laptop or computer for 6-9 hours per day. Did you know that it is very dangerous for your health? And when you keep the proper balance between standing and sitting, you can really feel better. According to the new concept, standing work has a positive effect on a person and his health. Owners of ergonomic desks receive a number of benefits.

It may seem to many that working while standing at a computer is inconvenient, but this is not so. It is essential to be able to adjust the height of the countertop. Smart tables work due to the mechanism and technologies built into them. In addition to being functional and height-adjustable, customizable countertops are built to be durable and reliable.

The support structure, along which the table can be moved up and down, is made of durable steel. After the elements of the product are chrome-plated and coated with paint, which allows you to increase wear resistance.

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More About Office Equipment For Effective And Automated Work

More About Office Equipment For Effective And Automated Work

Smart office equipment helps to automate and simplify work tasks. Consider two types of devices – multimedia systems and printing equipment.

Modern multimedia equipment is not only interactive whiteboards or video projectors. It includes video walls, individual displays, interactive flipcharts, video cameras for communication, and other devices.

With the help of interactive flipcharts, you can discuss projects in a team at meetings. An employee uploads a presentation from a laptop to a whiteboard sends it to colleagues, highlights the main points, draws diagrams, and writes notes using a stylus. All data is saved, so the results of the meeting will remain electronic.

Another important component of the office is a system for online conferences. The “smart” system can be controlled using the application. If you set up a scenario, then at the touch of a single button, the meeting room will be prepared for the meeting: the video wall will turn on, individual panels for employees, microphones, and cameras, and the curtains will close.

In addition to multimedia equipment, multifunctional devices are always in demand in the office. One of the most important processes in the work is printing and document management. Modern “smart” printing devices are multifunctional systems that make paperwork easier and faster.

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