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best paying jobs in public utilities

All you know is the public utility sector is a secure one. But not only your job but your career life will also run smoothly. You will get multiple opportunities there. Yes, let’s have a look at some of the best paying jobs in public utilities. 

The best paying jobs will offer the industry some of the highest-paying jobs. Even if you are going to select the right job for you from one utility service job, you can earn more than $145,550 in a single year.

Let’s see first what types of industries come under the public utilities. Next, what are public utility services, and then know how many jobs are available in public utilities? And What are their minimum and maximum salary ranges?

What Is Public Utilities?

What Is Public Utilities?

Before jumping into the main part of the article regarding best paying jobs in public utilities, let’s see first what is the meaning of public utility services. Public utilities are the department that provides daily life’s essential items. Most people are aware of some public utilities like plumbing and electricity.

But apart from these two, there are many more jobs available in these two departments. For example, water, electricity, and other necessary and basic requirements of daily human life.

Now is the time to move on to the topic of best paying jobs in the public utility sector.

Here Are The Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities?

Now if you have the question, what are the best paying jobs in public utilities? in your mind, then, here are the top 18 highest salary paying jobs in the public utility sector.

1. Electric Power Plant Managers

Electric Power Plant Managers

Electric power plant managerial jobs all come under the best paying jobs in public utilities list. To get into this industry only, you will require a basic electrical engineering degree. 

But before reaching managerial level jobs, you have to gain at least ten years of experience working in the electrical power industry. Hence this wait will actually be worth it.

The average salary of an electrical power plant manager is $94,960

2. Natural Gas Distribution Manager

Natural Gas Distribution Manager

Gas distribution always comes under the public utility sector. The job role of a natural gas distribution manager is to take care of all the gas distribution in specific geographical locations. 

The distributions should be clean and equal. The natural gas distribution managers also monitor the price of the gas. So there is no doubt why this job is counted among the best paying jobs in public utilities.

The average salary of a gas distribution manager is $148,600.

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3. Pipeline Inspectors

Pipeline Inspectors

These jobs are also one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. Pipeline inspector’s jobs do not require any high academic degree. Only a high school bachelor’s degree is enough to start a career in this department. 

Very few of companies ask for the American Petroleum Institute’s certifications. Basic work is to take care of inspecting the pipeline for finding the leakages and then repairing it.

The average salary of a pipeline inspector is $77,345 in a single year.

4. Energy Auditor

Energy Auditor

The work areas of the energy auditors are to search for new opportunities where the organization can have better energy use. 

Energy auditors analyze all the possible areas where the corporation’s energy should be utilized. This involves many audits where they try to find the most promising sectors where the energy should be used. Energy auditors work in different sectors, including Governments and private organizations.

The average salary of an energy auditor is $7,4670 in a single year.

5. Wind Farm Manager

Wind Farm Manager

Wind farm managers are responsible for all types of operations and the maintenance process of wind farm managers. They are working for independent power producers. Wind farm manager jobs are one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

They are working for utility companies. Wind farm managers’ jobs are one of the most promising job categories.

The average salary of a wind farm manager is $97,500 a year.

6. Hydraulic Power Plant Operator

Hydraulic Power Plant Operator

Hydraulic power plant operators are responsible for the operations and maintenance process of the hydraulic power plants. They are working for the power plant’s locations. To enter this sector, the candidates require strong knowledge and an understanding of mechanical and electrical systems.

For maintaining the hydraulic power plant, recruiting a power plant operator is a must. Hydraulic power plant operator jobs also come under the list of most promising best paying jobs in public utilities.

The average salary of a hydraulic power plant operator is $52,897 a year.

7. Radiation Engineer

Radiation Engineer

A radiation engineer performs some of the tests and then evaluates the radiation impacts on the various types of environments. If any areas come under exposure to radiation exposures, they are investigating the systems, devices, and functions of the networks.

They are doing the designs and also provide the devices to operate the absolute radiation levels. Usually, radiation engineers recruit people who come from a science and engineering background.

The average salary of a radiation engineer is $104,068 a year.

8. Gas Controller

Gas Controller

Gas controllers are working with the gas and oil companies. The gas controller ensures the consumer that they are going to get the correct amount of oil and gas. They are collaborating with the gas and oil companies and also monitor the pipeline pressure.

The gas controllers are tracking the overall process. They identify the address, emergency reading, and volume. Their work is to get the correct amount of gas and oil. Why does a simple job come among the best paying jobs in public utilities? 

The average salary of a gas controller is $90,538, And to enter this department, only a high school diploma is enough.

9. Utility Manager

Utility Manager

This is very common. A utility manager’s job will also come among the best paying jobs in public utilities. Why? A utility manager’s jobs are to oversee the utility system’s operations and then start to do the developments.

One who has a strong technical background can easily start a career in this field. The managers only require to have a strong technical background. The equipment is safe, and job profiles are not also very complicated.

The average salary of a utility manager annual salary: $78,637.

10. Pipeline Controller

Pipeline Controller

As a pipeline controller, first, you must monitor all sorts of pipeline operations. Their work is to monitor the pipeline systems. Then control the operations of pipeline systems. How do these jobs come under the best paying jobs in public utilities?

Their first work was to investigate the pipeline’s leakages. Once the problems are detected, the controllers take action against it and start to repair the pipeline. The pipeline controller ensures that the gas flowing in the pipeline will remain flawless.

The average salary of the pipeline controller’s annual salary: $78,637.

11. Power Distribution Engineer

Power Distribution Engineer

Power distribution engineers coordinate with the maintainers and other types of electrical utilities. These jobs are associated with the power distribution system. From the maintainers to the electrical utility, everything is taken care of by the power distribution engineers.

The main work of the power distribution engineers is to operate the machines. And then provide utility services to the other industry along with other types of commercial services.

The average salary of a power distribution engineer’s annual salary: $89,724 a year.

12. Power System Engineer

Power System Engineer

All the power sector jobs come under the best paying jobs in public utilities. But, like the power distribution jobs, this system also performs a wide range of tasks related to planning and design. 

Their main job roles are to conduct the power system distribution modelling and analysis. Also, provide lots of technical support in the automation and digitalization systems. To become a power systems engineer, the engineering diploma in electrical and instrumentations are the best.

The average salary of a power system engineer is:$152,063 a year.

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13. Journey Lineman


A lineman is responsible for maintaining and operating the electric power grid. The lineman jobs are a little bit complicated in all sorts of electrical department jobs. They are building and giving support for below-ground electrical distributions and transmissions.

So their jobs require body fitness, for example, pole climbing and operating aerial equipment. For becoming a successful lineman, certification from the Department of Labor journeyman is compulsory. But some companies only require high school diploma certifications.

The average salary of a lineman is:$87,485 a year.

14. Meter Reader

Meter Reader

A meter reader is a person who reads the electric, water, and gas meters of the homes and other business areas. The job profile is simple. Your company will only provide you with a meter reading machine. Can you guess why these job types come under the best paying jobs in public utilities?

Yes, after seeing the salary limit, you will surely understand the reasons. All you know is the simple job profile. I can guarantee after seeing the salary margins you will understand why this is the best paying job.

The average salary of a meter reader is $36,467 a year.

15. Solar System Installer

Solar System Installer

Solar systems are now becoming alternatives to electric power sources. The solar system installer. Job profiles are relatively new. But the growth is pretty promising. 

The solar system installer is a type of job where the installer has to climb up on the house roof to find the installation places for the solar panels. Along with the new job ventures, why does this count under the best paying jobs in public utilities? Let’s move on to the salary structure of a professional solar system installer.

The average salary of a solar system installer is $55,760 a year.

16. Project Manager

Project Manager

Everyone is aware of the project manager’s job. But do you know these jobs also come among the few best paying jobs in public utilities?

Planning and the monitoring of the projects all come under the job responsibility of the project manager. Along with the monitoring of projects, solving issues also comes under the same job umbrella.

The project manager’s job profiles are all associated with money management and seamless project execution. Now let’s have a look at the salary structures of a project manager.

The average salary of a project manager is $81,121 a year.

17. Control Room Supporter

Control Room Supporter

Control room supporter’s jobs are another one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. The job profiles of control room supporters are very simple.

They are responsible for running all the operations in the control room. Actually, in the factory, the control rooms are the main department.

Control room supporters are taking care of all the factory and production line functions. Why the control room supports are one of the valued employees in the production line. The answer is very simple. Control room supporters’ jobs are simple, but the responsibility is huge.

The average salary of a project manager is $5,1526 a year.

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18. Electrician


The electrician’s responsibility includes some of the basic functions. The well-functioning lighting and intercoms are the basic features. Installing the electrical apparatus comes under the primary job roles of electricians.

Now electrician jobs are also counted as one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. The job profiles are simple. But for entering this sector, everyone needs to have a basic high school degree. Now, this is the time to look at the salary structures of electricians.

The highest income of an electrician is $75,380 a year.

Advantages Of Jobs In Electric Utilities

If you are still wondering if Electric Utilities Central is a good career option, here are some of the benefits that individuals receive while working in this sector:

Availability Of Jobs

The sector of electric utilities offers multiple job options based on the interests of the people and their qualifications. Due to the constant electric supply, utility organizations or companies might require a continuous effort of physically fit and skilled individuals. You may apply for a wide variety of jobs as are mentioned above. With the total quantity of jobs that are available and the rising usage of electricity, the demand for jobs in this field is also gaining momentum.

Security In Career

Individuals who work in the electric utility industry can retain their jobs for many years when they successfully fulfill all their duties and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Utility companies have certain specific regulations that they expect their employees to abide by. Following those rules could help individuals remain an asset to the company.

Flexible Job Requirements

Companies that look around to recruit employees for electric utilities central may not require the candidates to have any prior training in the field. This allows the candidates to develop their skills and, at the same time, gain real-life experience while working with the experts in the sectors. Based on the role that the candidate has applied for, they may need a couple of GCSEs or a bachelor’s degree in a subject relevant to the sector, like engineering.

Growth In Career

By defining expertise and professionalism, individuals may get ahead in their careers and receive multiple promotions in the electric utilities sector. However, there are other promoting factors that solely depend on the operations of the organization. The time you give while working in the electric utilities center might result in a pay raise or a special bonus. Hence, building a career in electric utilities may be the ultimate advancement that you have been looking for.

Technological Advancement

The electric utility central sector mostly adopts newer technologies to improve how they deliver electrical services to the people. For instance, companies may consider using renewable energy sources such as solar or tidal power. This entire sector is progressive and innovative; therefore, it consistently looks for newer ways to optimize its transition and power usage. An individual may enjoy working in electric utility if they prioritize innovation and growth.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q1: What Are The Different Types Of Public Utilities?

There are certain types of essential utility services. They are water, electricity, and gas. These are the essential services which are playing a vital role in economic and social development.

Q2: What Is The Largest Utility Company In The US?

The PG&E, CA. The Pacific Gas & Electric Company California based is one of the largest utility companies in the United States. They have more than 5.5 million customers across California.

Q3: How Many Types Of Public Utilities Are Present In The US?

There are a huge number of electric utility companies operating in the United States. The 3,300 numbers of companies all around the world are providing power to significant numbers of users. The U.S power grid is developing connections near about 2.5 million feeders and about 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines.

Closing Thoughts!

These 18 are the best paying jobs in public utilities. These sectors are very promising, and the main part is you do not require any high certifications or academic qualifications.

Anyone can start these jobs just after completing their graduation. Public utility jobs are pretty secure because no one can live without these basic human society daily needs and requirements. Which public utility jobs are you planning to select?

Do you think we are missing out on any of the points? You can share your opinion through comment sections.

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