Do you often have a difficult time retaining your clients? Business essentially is all about dealing with people. When running a design firm or

In today’s cutthroat business environment, reputation is everything.   No matter whether you operate exclusively online or run a brick and mortar business, potential customers are

The possibilities can feel endless when it comes to communication. Texting, emailing and social media, how do you get your message across?   But with limitless

Modern technology is digitizing everything nowadays - news, photos, resumes, and even business cards.   LinkedIn now provides information all about a person or a company.

The business card is often the first contact that a prospective customer or client is likely to have with your organization.  So, it’s really

Businesses can use many strategies in order to appeal to their customers. Sometimes, these strategies will be very subtle. Customers today ultimately want everything

Every app is a little bit different.  If they didn't have anything unique, they wouldn't sell, and so as you develop your app you

The business world is accelerating rapidly, so is competition. But some norms always remain alive without costing you anything. One of them is efficient

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