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by Loans & Credit 28 May 2024

Credit Score

Having poor credit can feel like a never-ending nightmare. It makes it harder to get approved for loans, mortgages, credit cards – even rentals or jobs. But don’t give up hope just yet! 

Fincover is a cutting-edge fintech company, here to slay your credit worries with its powerful dispute services. With its assistance by your side, nothing can stop you from getting the credit of your dreams. 

Credit360 is a comprehensive credit improvement solution designed by Fincover to help you take control of your financial future and achieve the credit score you deserve.

It is important for every individual to access their credit report as well as identify errors periodically. Unidentified errors left alone for long can seriously impact one’s credit score and affect one’s credit chances. 

Common Issues Related To Credit Reports

A credit score refers to the numerical representation of one’s potential to repay the loan. This three-digit number usually falls between 300 and 900, and the higher your score is, the higher your chances of getting another loan. 

Sadly, a lot of factors influence your credit score, and knowing which beforehand can help you curb the risks. So, check them out here: 

Inaccurate Personal Information

Error in name, address, date of birth, employment details, and other personal information is a potential threat to your credit reports. For starters, it points towards misleading information and the fact that your documents are forged. 

Secondly, it might create a bad reputation for you in front of credit authorities. It’s common sense to enter the correct personal information, at least for an adult applying for a loan

Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes, the debt account gets listed more than once in your credit report, making it clear that the customer has more outstanding obligations.

If you want a clear name in credit reports, steer clear of duplicate or forged accounts. Even a small allegation against you can have an impact on future financial decisions; hence, make sure you do things mindfully!

Negative Flags

Negative flags, in the language of credit, refer to written, Suit-filed, or PO-settled cheques. You can easily fix them by repaying the credit to the bank, but make sure you do this quickly. 

Once the repayment has been done, your payment status will be changed to close. Let me remind you that this one is a crucial factor when it comes to pulling down one’s credit score. 

Incorrect DPD

This one indicates the number of days after paying an EMI once you cross the due date. In case the borrower fails to pay on a single installment, their DPD continues in the report for at least three years. 

Authentic DPDs can never be removed once entered. But if someone mentions incorrect DPD, we can help them fix it. However, if there is a wrong mention of DPD, we can fix them. 

Fraudulent Accounts

For accounts that aren’t yours In cases of identity fraud or mixing of credit files, a consumer’s report may show accounts and debts they never actually opened or incurred themselves.

In the history of credit scores, identity theft fraud has been mentioned as the number one reason. Not only does it sabotage your long-term financial planning, but it also takes away your ability to plan for retirement. 

Closed Accounts Showing As Open

Sometimes, the closed accounts will be displayed as open, such as personal loans. These can hurt your credit prospects in the future badly. For example, a personal loan or credit card that you closed long back may still be reflected in your account. 

One might not know this, but closed accounts that disguise themselves as open have an impact on credit scores, too. Both lenders and creditors value a borrower whose credit comes from different sources, but all must be clear. 

Credit Improvement Services

Credit Improvement Services

Fincover understands the complexities of outstanding credit and the problems people face because of low credit scores. That’s why they’ve assembled a team of experienced credit specialists who would help you navigate the credit landscape easily and achieve your financial goals. Fincover’s credit improvement service encompasses a list of services:

  1. Credit Report Analysis – Complete analysis of your credit report. Identifying areas for improvement and guiding you towards a healthier credit profile.
  2. Credit Dispute Process: On your behalf, we dispute the errors and inconsistencies on your credit report with the credit agency.
  3. Debt Management and Negotiation: Freed, with whom we have partnered, will negotiate a settlement plan with your debtors.
  4. Credit use Optimization: By maximizing your credit use, we assist you in realizing the full potential of your credit. 
  5. Identity Protection – Safeguard your identity and financial well-being with our robust identity protection measures

“Many people don’t realize that credit report errors are more common than they think,” says Gurumoorthy, Founder of “Our goal is to remove these errors and ensure your credit report accurately reflects your financial standing, thereby helping you get access to better credit opportunities.” 

Our company disputes on behalf of you with the bureau, and we try our best to resolve the issue at the quickest time possible” adds Gurumoorthy.

Don’t let credit report errors hold you back any longer. You can contact Fincover today and start your journey towards a brighter financial future.

The Bottom Line

Enhancing one’s credit score is the first goal of every person. And if it’s not one of your primary goals, it should definitely be. After all, credit scores are important for every small financial decision you take- from purchasing a new car to a brand-new home. 

But be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind so that you can always save yourself from getting into credit trouble. With Credit360 by your side, you don’t have to worry about getting a bad credit impact on your report. 

Having said that, here comes an end to this comprehensive guide. But don’t forget to keep coming back for more such informative content. We always love to share useful tips with our readers. Thank you for reading till the end!

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