5 In-Demand Jobs You Can Get with an Online Masters Degree in Education

by Job & Career Published on: 23 December 2021 Last Updated on: 24 December 2021

Online Masters Degree

Pursuing a degree in higher education is a way to challenge yourself academically as well as increase the opportunities that are available to you when it comes to a future career. Obtaining a master’s in education online is an effective and flexible option for many adults who already have experience in the world of education.

By the time you are ready to pursue a master’s degree, you have likely earned some years in your career or have maybe even started a family or set down roots in a town you love. Getting a master’s degree online is an ideal way to continue with the important things in your life while also going to the next level in your educational career.

Great Places to Get Your Masters in Education

Before you start your degree, you want to make sure you choose an online education program that is not only credible but also a program that specifically fits your educational and career goals. Often when pursuing a degree in higher education, a research component is a large part of the program. Do your own research before choosing a school and make sure the research projects and classes they require are a good fit for you.

If you know any teachers, you know that one of the things they mention often is continuing their own education. So how do teachers choose where to go to school for their own degrees? Well, many universities have reputations for having strong education programs. Columbia University is one of the first that comes to mind for many teachers as their school of education is one of the best in the country.

Florida and North Carolina are also known for having strong programs in education, and the infamous UNC-Chapel Hill is an ideal option to obtain your master’s in education. The good news is there are numerous options available across the country and many of them have strong online programs to allow flexibility while obtaining your degree.

Potential Future Job #1: Curriculum Writer

The exciting thing about adding a new degree to your resume does not only have you increased your own knowledge base and experience, but you have made yourself much more marketable as an employee. So now that you have the degree, searching for some of the in-demand jobs in the field of education is the next step.

Once you obtain a master’s in education, more doors open for unique jobs in the field of education. Considering you chose to further your education, it is probably safe to say that you enjoy learning and likely writing as well. One unique option for a new job would be a curriculum writer. Using what you learned while pursuing your degree, you can now help design a curriculum for other students.

If you were a previous teacher, you know how important curriculum is and how much of a demand there is for curriculum writers. Companies are often looking to hire employees to write their curriculum that has previous teaching experience. And unlike being in a classroom, becoming an education curriculum writer allows flexibility, and many companies even allow and encourage you to work from home.

Potential Future Job #2: Educational Technology Specialist

Educational Technology Specialist

You may think that a job in technology and education don’t necessarily go together, but now that 21st-century learning is a priority for all learning environments, there is a need for even more educators to help with the role of technology specialist. Whether it is working as a tech specialist in an actual school, or working remotely for a company or district, this job is in high demand.

Potential Future Job #3: Administrator

Schools are always looking for strong leaders to step into the role of administrator, whether at the local level or district level. Now that you have the master’s degree, you have opened the door to potential administrator roles such as principal or even superintendent. If you have always wanted to make a big difference in the world of education, or help change policies, becoming an administrator is the job to do just that.

Potential Future Job #4: Training Specialist

A large part of teacher training is professional development. Teacher training is critical to improving a school and school system. Schools and training companies are always looking for strong leaders to offer training opportunities for their teachers. Becoming a training specialist may even allow you to travel to different locations and work with a variety of educators and school districts across the country.

Potential Future Job #5: Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant

Being an educator requires strong interpersonal skills, as you are constantly connecting and communicating with both students and their families. Now that you have furthered your own education, you can take your people skills to the next level too and become a consultant.

An educational consultant can work for a variety of companies. Testing companies are often looking for consultants to provide feedback from the classrooms to help understand whether the current tests are effective or not.

Curriculum companies are always on the lookout for educators to market their products and know that teachers respect other teachers who have had classroom experience and will trust their opinions when it comes to new curriculum options available. Becoming an educational consultant is a great way to meet new people and use your natural people skills in a unique career.

Although earning a master’s degree is hard work, the reward is the new opportunities that will become available and allow you to find a job you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle. With an undergraduate degree in education, you are more limited in the jobs that are available using that degree. But now with a master’s degree, you can do anything from training to working with technology and even consulting. All you have to do is decide which job seems the most appealing and apply.

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