4 Inspiring Jobs and How to Find Them

by Job & Career 02 April 2022

Inspiring Jobs

When we view and search through content online, we’re often drawn to those quotes, videos, and stories that inspire us. That’s because they’re the kinds of stories that can motivate us, giving us a little more ambition and the energy we need to fulfill that ambition. So what about the inspiration that you can derive from jobs?

Here, we look at 4 of the most inspiring jobs on the planet, before examining how you can find your way into them, regardless of your current position in life.

Here’s the List of 4 Inspiring Jobs and How to Find Them

1. Emergency Services

Every now and then you’ll read a story, or watch a video, in which a police officer or a member of the fire brigade does something inspiring and mesmerizing. Whether they’re saving a cat from a tree, giving a soft toy to a scared child, or helping to protect people from harm, members of the emergency services often put themselves in harm’s way for the collective good.

No wonder they star in so many movies. You can get a job in these services by applying directly to them in your state, and undergoing the testing and training that they offer – before donning the uniform and supporting your local community.

2. Nursing


Nurses are the unsung heroes of hospitals and clinics. It might be the doctor who makes the ground-breaking diagnosis, and the surgeon who uses their dexterity to save a patient’s life, but it’s nurses who are there throughout a patient’s journey.

It’s nurses who patients ultimately remember and cherish. Being a nurse means taking a degree program in nursing. Plus, there are master’s courses to get you up to speed with nursing jobs and responsibilities – uta.edu is a good resource for online MSN courses like nurse admin, for example.

3. Teacher


How many times have you heard a friend or an acquaintance speak in glowing terms about a teacher who supported and inspired them? Most people in the world have a story along these lines, fondly remembering a teacher who took them under their wing and inspired them.

This is a career in which you’re constantly going to inspire and engage young people – often leaving a lifelong impression on their lives. Like nursing, this career requires you to train for at least a year so that you have the skills to teach responsibly and inspiringly. Contact your local teacher’s union or education center for more advice on becoming a teacher.

4. Community Champion

There are numerous types of community champions. Some set up football teams for the disadvantaged, while others keep opening a youth centers to help engage young people in new skills. Some aim to help communities integrate, while others launch miniature festivals and events.

All of these individuals are truly inspiring – working often on a volunteer basis in order to support their communities and give back to the region they’re from. To become a local community champion, all you need to do is think of a helpful or useful project and follow through with it, however tough that task may be.

From responding to emergencies to giving back to your local communities, these are some of the most inspiring jobs on Earth – and how you can start out in them.

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