Why Vietnamese Food Franchises in Brisbane?

by Small Business 19 September 2023

Why Vietnamese Food Franchises In Brisbane

Are you a fan of world cuisine? If so, there’s no doubt that you’ve had your fair share of Vietnamese delights. From Pho to rice paper rolls, the aromas and flavours have been tantalising taste buds around Brisbane for quite some time now. But with so many restaurants offering these tasty dishes, it can take time to decide where for the best experience.

That’s why Vietnamese food franchising with Rolled, and other local Australian-based franchises have become such a popular option – they’ve taken all the amazing tastes we’ve grown to love and created a uniform menu full of deliciousness!

Keep reading as we delve into why these franchises, dishing out top-notch traditional Vietnamese cuisine, are hitting it big in this lively city!

History Of Vietnamese Food In Brisbane

The story of Vietnamese food in Brisbane is like a delicious blend of cultures, flavours, and culinary adventures. It began in the late ’70s and early ’80s when Vietnamese immigrants started making Australia their home after the Vietnam War. With them, they brought the incredible tastes of Vietnamese cuisine, introducing Brisbanites to a whole new world of flavours.

Gradually, these flavours won the hearts and palates of the locals. The fragrant Pho, refreshing spring rolls, and complex bún chả became a part of their culinary landscape.

The 1990s saw a wave of Vietnamese restaurants opening up in the city, establishing the foundation for a booming food culture. Over the years, these establishments have evolved from small family-run eateries to the sophisticated franchises we see today, such as Rolland.

These franchises have not only been successful in preserving the authenticity of Vietnamese flavours but have also adapted to the Australian palate, perfectly blending tradition with innovation.

Variety Of Dishes Offered By Vietnamese Franchises

Variety Of Dishes Offered By Vietnamese Franchises

Vietnamese franchises in Brisbane offer a tempting array of dishes catering to various tastes. The classic’ Pho‘ is at the menu’s heart, a fragrant noodle soup with a delicate beef or chicken broth garnished with fresh herbs. Customers are also drawn to ‘Bánh Mì’, a crispy baguette filled with pâté, pickled vegetables, and a choice of meat or tofu. A healthier alternative is the ‘Gỏi cuốn’, also known as summer rolls, which are fresh rice paper rolls filled with prawns, pork, vegetables, and herbs, served with a tangy dipping sauce.

For those seeking an indulgent treat, ‘Bún chả’ – grilled pork and noodles – stands out. The dish features grilled fatty pork over a plate of white rice noodles and herbs with a side of dipping sauce. To round off the meal, franchises often include Vietnamese iced coffee, known as ‘Cà phê sữa đá’, a strong dark roast coffee with a touch of sweet condensed milk, making for a refreshing end to the meal.

Value And Quality Of Vietnamese Food Franchises

Vietnamese food franchises in Brisbane have gained immense popularity due to their excellent value and quality. These places shine when offering budget-friendly meals without skimping on top-notch ingredients. Vietnamese food franchises stand out because they’re all about keeping those traditional Vietnamese dishes true to their roots. They take that extra step by getting fresh, local ingredients, so you get to savour all those authentic Vietnamese flavours and textures. It’s a commitment that ensures you can enjoy a tasty meal without breaking the bank.

Franchises like Roll’d go beyond just serving food; they offer a culinary voyage through Vietnam, with menus brimming with traditional recipes passed down through generations and perfected over the years. Each meticulously prepared dish flaunts the richness and complexity of Vietnamese cooking — from the hearty Pho to the refreshing summer rolls.

Vietnamese food franchises’ high value and quality are not confined to their food alone. Their commitment doesn’t stop at the food; it extends to the whole dining experience. From their welcoming and friendly staff to speedy service and a cosy atmosphere, these franchises ensure you have an outstanding dining experience. That’s why the triumph of Vietnamese food franchises in Brisbane boils down to this complete package – delicious food, superb service, and wallet-friendly prices.

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Popularity Of Vietnamese Dishes Amongst Brisbane Locals

The popularity of Vietnamese dishes amongst Brisbane locals is unquestionable. The city’s food-loving residents have embraced Vietnamese cuisine enthusiastically, reflecting their cosmopolitan tastes and adventurous culinary spirit. The delightfully simple yet flavour-packed Pho has become a quintessential comfort food for many, while the Bánh Mì’s perfect balance of crunch, tang and freshness has made it a staple in the local diet.

Summer rolls, packed with prawns, pork, veggies, and fresh herbs, are a top pick for folks craving a wholesome yet delicious meal. Bún chả, with its mouth-watering grilled pork and hearty noodles, has won over those seeking a more indulgent option. The Vietnamese Iced Coffee, with its unique blend of strong dark roast and sweet condensed milk, has become a favourite end to these flavourful meals.

The fact that these dishes are a hit shows how much people love Vietnamese food and how well local franchises have tweaked their traditional flavours to suit our tastes. Locals have taken to these culinary gems, and now, Vietnamese cuisine is a big part of Brisbane’s food scene.


The boom of Vietnamese food franchises in Brisbane proves how much the city loves its diverse food. These places have nailed the art of blending Vietnam’s culinary heritage with Brisbane’s eclectic tastes. They serve up authentic Vietnamese flavours that Aussies can’t get enough of.

By putting a local twist on traditional Vietnamese recipes, they’ve managed to keep the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine while making it a big hit with Brisbane folks. This delicious blend is a testament to Brisbane’s love for food and the timeless charm of Vietnamese flavours.

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