Best Online Jobs for Lockdown Time

We are now facing a universal pandemic disease that limits us in doing our daily activities. This includes our relationship with significant others, leisure time and work. When the government decided to have a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus, some local and international companies started to think about their employees to do work at home. Unfortunately, not all jobs can practice work from home especially those who are on the field. Also, not all individuals have a job like fresh graduates. This all may lead to financial problems in the long run.

Though there are several online jobs that you can try to look forward to because aside from that they can give you good pay which can help you during this moment, you can also practice your skills while you are at home. I will give you the top five best online jobs during the lockdown.

Here are the best online jobs for lockdown time:

1. Looking for possible freelance work

freelance work

You will make a respectable monthly income from the comfort of your home by freelancing work. Actually, there are a lot of jobs online but still, it depends on your skills. You may sign up for freelance gigs from designing a logo or poster to creating a website as a graphic designer. You can also apply as a Customer Service Representative in an international company if you are literate in conversing in the English language. If you are into writing, you can try applying as a freelance content writer. You should have samples of free essays to see if you are competent for the job. However, without a strong resume it might be a little difficult to find well-paid jobs, but registering on freelancing sites like Upwork can be a start. In the beginning, we suggest you charge competitively and then work your way up as you gain positive customer reviews.

2. Get into blogging or vlogging


Blogging/vlogging can be difficult because you need to write trending topics and your blog should catch the market of your population. You need to be creative to do some content that may help you in garnering lots of viewers that may turn into “salary”. YouTube vloggers are trying their best to be resourceful and to have many subscribers. When any YouTuber has more than 1000 (1k) subscribers and their viewers have viewed their video content for at least 2 hours in total, then they are entitled to monetize their channel. When they want to do so, they must then select how much to show an ad.

3. Language lessons

If you have excellent English skills, and if you have an ability and patience in teaching, it can be for you. Online education has been one of the fastest growing online markets for Asian countries over the years. As a teacher, you have the responsibility to teach your students how to read, understand, write and communicate in English. 51talk, Acadsoc, Bizmates, etc are some companies that provide online teaching. If you are efficient in other or different foreign languages, it means more opportunities (and higher salaries) for you!

4. Exercise classes and dietary plans

Exercise classes

Since its lockdown, people who go to the gym don’t have any excuses to not get in shape. Like Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth has made his Center health and wellness plan available for six weeks at no charge. The application usually costs up to £ 22.99 a month. (You will need to enter your credit card details, but you will not be paid for the six-week period and cancel by switching off auto-renew at any time). Some famous yoga instructors, Zumba instructors, and fitness enthusiasts will give a free 30-minute exercise and a sample of dietary plans for marketing strategies. This workout may probably be a basic exercise and nutrition intake. However, this is expensive and not everyone can avail even if they want to. If you are into fitness and know-how to work out, you can also try to be a personal trainer and if you are starting, it’s recommended that you try a standard rate who knows people may try it because it is way cheaper than others!

5. Market Trading

Market Trading

Investing in stock markets is one of the safest long-term ways to create good money. If you are starting, you must read reliable articles, strategies, comments, and tips regarding how to deal with market trading. Technically, how it works to lessen the possibility that you may lose your money. Investing is never too late but you need to prepare yourself because anytime the market may go differently as you plan. You may try mobile applications like eToro, Acorns, and many more where you can buy and sell stocks.

Hoping that these recommendations will help you reach your potentials even at home and at the same time, help you financially especially during this lockdown. Stay safe.

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