How Lighting Can Enhance The Retail Customer Experience

by Retail 25 March 2021

Lighting Can Enhance The Retail Customer Experience

Setting up a retail store for success is no easy task. You need to create the perfect experiences for every consumer who walks through the doors of your retail store. According to experts that specialize in retail marketing, lighting plays a significant role in how successful your retail store is.

Any retail store owner or manager always asks himself or herself the following questions-

  • How can I ensure that the products are showcased to probable customers in the best manner?
  • What should be the overall look and feel of the retail store like? Or, in other words, how best to optimize the layout?
  • How can I make certain sections and products get highlighted? For example, a new collection that has just come?

In this article, we look at the fundamentals of great lighting solutions for your retail store. At the end of the article, we also help you with an Infographic that details how you should go about setting up the lighting in your retail store.

Good Lighting Helps Create a Positive Experience in Welcoming Customers:

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately gotten a positive vibe? One of the major reasons why you were able to feel in a particular way is because of the lighting.

Psychologists that have done extensive tests opine that lighting is closely linked to emotional wellbeing. Good lighting, especially in the right areas can act as a mood uplifter. When this happens, a consumer is more likely to shop and purchase things from the shop.

Different kinds of lighting solutions have different effects on the mood of human beings-

Warm and Soft-

If you want to make your customers feel relaxed, you need warm and soft lighting in your retail store. This kind of shade and lighting immediately puts customers at ease and allows them to feel calm and comfortable. Many high-end designer boutiques follow this kind of pattern.

Bright and Cheerful-

If you have ever walked into a retail store in a mall, you know what we are talking about. Bright lighting makes the products appear in a far better light. In many senses, if you are looking to create a ‘hero’ product, you can go for bright and cheerful lights in the store.

List of Three Different Types of Retail Lighting-

In this section, we will highlight the three major types of lighting that retail store owners usually follow-

1. Ambient Lighting:

In simple terms, Ambient Lighting refers to the overall lighting within the store. It also has the maximum impact. In this instance, a huge lighting fixture right in the middle of the store helps in creating an ambient atmosphere in the entire store This helps with design and illumination.

2. Accent Lighting:

Accent Lighting

There are some areas or products within the store that need to be highlighted as hero products. These shelves or displays are accented by special lights to make them illuminate and appear attractive in the eyes of the customer. Luxury stores follow this lighting principle.

3. High-Activity Lighting:

When it comes to retail stores, a standard premise is that no area of the store should be unlit. This means every nook and cranny needs to be sufficiently lit to ensure customers do not miss any product no matter how buried it is on a shelf.

The Final Word:

With the coming of thematic stores, retail lighting solutions have undergone a massive change. LEDs have come to replace fluorescent bulbs in a major way as they are more efficient in terms of power consumption and guarantee long shelf life. In the following Infographic, you will see how retail lighting can make a major impact on the sales and successes of a retail store.

Check out the Infographic now-

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industrial electrical company

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