4 Tips to Finding Mentors and Advisors as a Real Estate Investor

by Real Estate 09 May 2024

4 Tips to Finding Mentors and Advisors as a Real Estate Investor

Are you searching how to find a mentor for real estate investing online? Then this article has just what you are looking for. If you wish to know how to find a mentor for real estate investing to offer you guidance in your investment then follow these 4 tips.

You already know that real estate investment can be both profitable or loss making just like any other investment. But what makes real estate investment so attractive is its higher returns than most investments.

Many people consider real estate investment as a “double-edged sword.” On one hand, it might seem like a great investment option as we are surrounded by homes. You need to buy a house in hopes of selling it at a higher price in the future. 

Yet, at the same time, taking those formidable first steps on your own journey can seem daunting. So many different options are available to you; how do you know where to begin? Do you go the traditional route or wholesale real estate? Do you invest in one property at a time or quickly develop a portfolio? These are essential questions that don’t have easy answers.

For many, it begins by finding mentors and advisors as a real estate investor. The type of people who have been exactly where you are before and want to share their knowledge, insight, and expertise to help ensure you come through unscathed. 

Finding those investors doesn’t just mean that your own journey will become easier. Having mentors and advisors can help significantly accelerate success and ensure that people are around you to celebrate along the way.

Here’s how to find a mentor for real estate investing to guide you towards your investment goals.

4 Tips On How To Choose a mentor in real estate Investment

Here’s how to choose a mentor in real estate by following these 4 tips below.

  1. It All Begins With Your Investment Goals

As is true with most things in investing, you need to start by identifying your specific investment goals. If you aren’t acutely aware of exactly what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, how can you expect anyone to help you along the way?

Once you have this framework in place, you can contrast it with your strengths and weaknesses. Which goals do you think you’ll be able to handle independently, and which will you need guidance with? 

This will help you understand how many mentors and/or advisors you might need as a real estate investor and what specific types you should search for. This is how to find a mentor for real estate investing.

  1. Embrace Online Platforms

Here’s how to find a mentor for real estate investing through embracing online platforms. As your journey begins in earnest, utilize as many online platforms as you can to get a sense of who is really out there.

You’d be shocked by how many real estate forums are filled with not novices trying to break in but peers and even mentors passionate about sharing information with one another. Regardless of your niche, you can likely find social media groups dedicated to it on sites like Facebook.

There are just as many groups for wholesale real estate transactions as for traditional investing.

Strike up a conversation with people who seem to know what they’re talking about and see what kind of relationship develops. What you’re looking for is insight and information. If that comes from the Internet instead of an in-person interaction, you’re still arriving at the same result.

  1. The Power of Networking

None of that is to say that you shouldn’t network through traditional means as you work to find mentors and advisors as a real estate investor. You absolutely should. That’s why you should still leverage all the “old school” techniques to your advantage, from attending industry events to seminars, workshops, and more. Whenever you can physically put yourself in a room with like-minded people who share similar goals and experiences, that’s an opportunity you should always take.

You should consider joining real estate investment clubs or associations. There tend to be a lot of these in major cities, but if you’re lucky enough to be operating in a developing or “up and coming” market, you might find success, too. This will again put you in close contact with a pool of potential mentors, and from that point on, you can pick who you feel best aligns with your own unique goals.

  1. Respect That Time is Money

Finally, you need to understand that the chasm between successful interactions with potential mentors and advisors is deep.

So much of the work up to this point has just been about finding those who might help you. Once you do, you still need to make introductions. You still need to quickly prove that you’re someone worth supporting in the first place. 

People aren’t going to be your mentors out of the kindness of their hearts. They need to see that you’re someone worth helping. They need to see the earnest potential inside you just waiting to be tapped into.

That means always respecting someone’s time when approaching a potential mentor. You need to think about how you will demonstrate your commitment to learning and continued growth and development. 

If you approach an introduction from the point of view of “I’m someone who already knows it all,” what can someone reasonably expect to teach you? The answer is clear: not much.

If you show someone that you’re worth helping, they’ll be more than likely enthusiastic about taking that step on their own. This is how to find a mentor for real estate investing for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several people have asked these questions online repeatedly, see if some of these frequently asked questions answers your queries.

How To Find A Mentor For Real Estate Investing?

If you are searching ‘how to find a mentor for real estate investing?’ then you might want to follow these 6 ways.

  • You can find your choice of real estate agents if you know what you want from your real estate mentor. When you have decided on your specific mentorship needs you can choose which mentors to pick.
  • Try attending local networking events this helps open up your opportunity to get access to mentors of your choice. You can connect with several mentors and look out for your specifications in a mentor to approach them.
  • You must look for qualified mentors who will guide you in achieving your real estate goal.
  • Have one-on-one with potential mentors of your choice to make the right decision on whose mentorship you want to choose.
  • Try deciding on a system of mentorship that works for you. If you want to achieve your real estate investment goal you need a mentor with a proper mentorship system to guide you.
  • Lastly, keep looking for personal referrals for mentors which helps you connect with trusted mentors.

How To Choose A Mentor In Real Estate?

You can find your pick of real estate mentors to guide you in your real estate investment goal if you follow these points.

  • Be clear of what you want from your mentor before looking for a mentor. If you are clear about what kind of mentor you are looking for then go ahead and choose your mentor.
  • Try researching real estate investment mentors and find which are the well-known mentors in this field. Keep your preference in the forefront of your mind to choose your mentor.
  • Reach out to your preferred real estate mentor and connect with them to know more about their mentorship system. See if they are equipped enough to mentor you towards your goal.
  • Evaluate their mentorship system and see if it matches your goals.
  • Next establish your relationship with the mentor and maintain it. Always follow up with your mentor if you face a problem with your investment to get a proper solution.


In the end, these are just four of the many tips you can use to forge meaningful mentorship relationships with other like-minded individuals in the real estate profession. But overall, you also need to try to see a mentor as what they are: a constant source for self-improvement.

If you pick the right mentor, you’ll find someone always working to improve. To learn more. To become more efficient. This should never stop. This means that, in theory, your mentor will never stop having something to teach you.

All this is to say that there will not be a point where your mentor or advisors “outlive their usefulness.” Even as you become more successful, they should be more valuable as time passes. 

This is a great indicator that you’ve chosen a quality mentor in the first place. It’s also proof that you know how to find a mentor for real estate investing who will help you in your path to success.

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