7 Lucrative Side Gigs You May Not Have Thought Of

by Financial Planning 09 April 2024

Lucrative Side Gigs

The gig economy has covered many miles in the last half a decade and isn’t going anywhere. More and more people are searching for new horizons of opportunities (side gigs) to increase their earnings. They want to free themselves completely from the traditional schedule of work. Let’s find out about popular Lucrative Side Gigs.

Are you looking to pay your debts off, and save money for recreation? Do you like to spend or  invest in your future? The right side hustle can help you get there. But there are opportunities galore on the different side gigs, like rideshare or food delivery apps and others. They are just the different elements within the same system. But the thing is that you still have plenty of options…You are at the exact pace, so let us tell you. Here are six unconventional yet lucrative side gigs that might not have crossed your mind.

Tax Preparer

If you think the preparation work to become a tax preparer is too intense for a side gig, think again. Yes, it is one of the most lucrative side gigs. You may take quite a few weeks and thereafter learn the skills… the sky of earning is opened for you. What you need is to file simple tax returns and earn Enrolled Agent status in only a few months. 

You can say it is the highest credential awarded by the IRS. But once you have a low fees course accredited by organizations like the IRS. Yes, the IRS-approved courses continue with their education provider. Simply opt for a solid tax preparation software for new tax preparers, you’ll be ready to start taking clients. 

Of course, tax season is the most time-intensive scenario of the year for tax pros. But the ones who prepare the taxes can easily earn a good income.

Thereafter, with the help of serving small businesses and self-employed taxpayers, you can manage your work well. So you could help the individuals or organizations who need to pay taxes each quarter. Yes you got it right-  keep this side hustle thriving all year. It is indeed one of the lucrative side gigs.

Virtual Assistant: One Of The Most Revered Lucrative Side Gigs

The rise of remote work has created a demand for virtual assistants. Itt has been one of the most lucrative side gigs  if you enjoy organizational and administrative work. However, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are overwhelmed with tasks that can be outsourced. Examples include email management, scheduling appointments, and social media management. 

Platforms like Time Etc. and Fiverr connect virtual assistants with clients seeking their services. Virtual assistants based in the U.S. are especially sought-after. By providing efficient and reliable support, you can build a client base and turn virtual assistance into a steady income stream.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Love pets? Simply arrange for a space or, say, the right set-up for your furry and scaly friends (cats, dogs etc.). What you need is a method so that you can connect yourself with pet owners who need a place for their pet to crash while they work or travel. Yes, you got it right. In the USA, thousands and millions of people keep dogs. 

There are hi-quality Apps like Rover. It can indeed be one of the most convenient ways to get started. Moreover, you can strike out on your own, advertising with the help of word of mouth,a personal website or other marketing techniques. 

Either way, it’s a win-win-win: pet owners usually do not need to spend much of the time on similar boarding services at a vet’s office or kennel. There, the animals find the comfort of a home instead of, say, a kettle. 

There, you get a cool new animal pal for a few days. In addition to it, with some extra cash at hand, you could manage it well enough, believe us. extra cash. Of course, check your city’s ordinances before you dive in – some have regulations that impact “kennel” businesses as well as businesses that run out of a home.

Teaching Online Courses

Have expertise in a particular skill or hobby? Teaching online courses could convert your knowledge or passion into extra cash. Granted, there may be better ways to start earning extra money than teaching online courses, but eventually, it can turn into a steady stream of passive income. Some course creators gather an audience through their followers on social media or personal blogs. 

These creators typically use a platform like Teachable to host their courses. Other course creators opt for platforms like Skillshare, which offers subscribers unlimited classes for a monthly or yearly fee, or Udemy, where users can pay per course or subscribe monthly. It is one one of the highly lucrative side gigs. 

Whether you’re skilled in photography, gardening, coding, or baking, there’s likely an audience eager to learn those same skills. If you can create engaging ways to teach them online, your courses could turn into meaningful supplemental income.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring was already popular before the pandemic, but it’s skyrocketed since. When families everywhere had to turn to virtual learning, more also turned to online tutors. It can help students struggling with specific subjects. 

Even with the return to in-person schools, the market for virtual tutors has remained strong. However, it makes it an ideal side gig if you excel in certain academic subjects.  Also, you can bring those subjects down to the student’s level.

Are you teaching mathematics, science, language arts, foreign languages, or more?  Then you can offer your tutoring services on platforms like Outschool, or Tutors.com or even independently through social media. 

If your expertise is in a more difficult and more specific subject –say calculus, microbiology, or reading intervention for students with dyslexia – you can likely charge a higher rate for your services. 

If you want to attract more clients, be sure to give each student your all. However, also check in to make sure they’re mastering the concepts, and ask them for feedback and reviews. Whatever platform you use, the more highly rated and recommended you are as a tutor, the more in demand you’ll be.

Start A Party Rental Company

If you can invest upfront in high-quality party equipment such as tents, dinnerware, and seating, you can make serious cash. 

From weddings to corporate events, there’s always a demand for these rentals. If the upfront cost of the equipment or the pressure of big events isn’t for you, start smaller – as in parties for smaller people. Renting inflatable bounce houses and water slides can bring you a return on your investment quickly and for less setup and stress than rentals for large events.


Side gigs don’t have to mean delivering food or offering ride shares. You’d rather tutor students online, care for some new furry friends, or help people navigate their tax returns. All of them are highly paying  side gigs that fit your skills and passions. 

And if you’re dedicated to making it work, that side hustle can turn into significant extra income to help you achieve your financial goals. All these lucrative side gigs have high-earning opportunities.

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