Write or Us

Real Wealth Business always welcomes content from external contributors. So, if you have a brilliant content idea in mind, come join us as a guest blogger for Realwealthbusiness.com. 

If you have mailed us requesting to ‘Write For Us’, we would appreciate it. 

Before we start, let us quickly take a look at some guidelines to write content for the site. 

Who Can Write For Us? 

  • Real Wealth Business prefers content that is engaging, relevant, and easy to read. 
  • Hence, we prefer writers with a creative frenzy. 
  • Those born with a pen in hand are welcome, too. 
  • Above all, you must have good acumen about the site and content’s theme.
  • Real Wealth Business does not flaunt a journalistic reporting theme. 
  • We are more into engaging and conversational content that can be commentary, analysis, or both.  

Our Objectives

Real Wealth Business is a business-related blog posting website. Here, we provide readers with detailed insights, ideas, and more. We cover a dynamic range of topics. 

  • A significant number of our blogs are about the growing QSR industry in the US. 
  • Our experts are also keen to explore the niche of Department stores. 
  • This is a profitable and buzzing business segment in the US. 
  • The business trends and consumer behavior in this segment are also changing drastically. 

Readers who are linked to these businesses can get new ideas and suggestions from our blogs. 

We also write about the benefits and growth potential of franchise businesses in the USA. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can always benefit from reading our blogs. 

To learn what we do and how we do it, read Real Wealth Business’s About Us page in depth. Vide some references of our published works from Real Wealth Business:

Our Content Parameters 

  • We post original content only, on our website. We request that bloggers refrain from sharing copied articles. Your original field research and commentary are needed. 

Length Of Articles 

  • Your articles should have 1000 words at least. 
  • There is no upper limit on word count. 
  • You are requested to check out some of our niche content for a better idea of the article length. 

Structuring And Formatting

  • The best of our blogs have short paragraphs. Ideally, a paragraph can have 50 words. 
  • So, crisp and relevant commentaries would be better. 
  • Your sentences should be short (fewer than 20 words), too. 
  • To Write for Us, you must create articles that have well-distributed H2 and H3s
  • You may also include H4s, wherever relevant. 
  • But don’t include more than 300 words under a single heading. 

We Appreciate SEO-Friendly Content

These parameters will make your work SEO-optimized:

  • A fair distribution of keywords and an average keyword density of 0.5% to 2.5%
  • We avoid articles with excess keywords and fluff writing style.
  • A Meta Description is a must for all articles. But you can use not more than 140 characters to write it.
  • All our articles have at least 1 internal and 1 outbound link from the authority website. 


  • Our content must be free of grammatical errors and written in American English. 

Originality Checks 

Real Wealth Business posts articles that are free from plagiarism. You should also pass the COPYSCAPE check to ensure that your content is 100% original.