Great Jobs in The Finance Industry

by Job & Career 09 March 2022

Finance Industry

If you are looking for a great job within the financial world that is a little different from the norm then we have some great options which you could explore. These jobs offer you freedom, solid benefits, a good working environment, and most importantly, an interesting industry in which to work.

The world of work is changing thanks to the ability to work remotely, and these are just some ideas which you could consider if you are interested in a career in finance.

6 Great Jobs in The Finance Industry

1. Money Transfer Services

1. Money Transfer Services

Companies such as Ria Money Transfer are completely changing the way in which cash is transferred around the world. Using tech these businesses are able to greatly reduce costs and currency conversion prices, and they are seeing a surge in the number of users relying on their services.

The energy around these companies is exciting too, with a heavy reliance on social media to drive customers through the door. The result is a fun company to work in which offers many benefits to its employees.

2. Auditor

The reason why so many love the role of the auditor is that they have the opportunity to travel far and wide whilst they carry out their jobs. This is also a great chance to meet people from across the financial space and discover new regions.

Auditors from different areas of the country or the globe are always preferred given that there is more neutrality there. If you are looking for a good salary, a healthy work/life balance, and a job that allows you to travel, this is it.

3. Financial Advisor

3. Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor gives you absolute autonomy over your work life, and this is a great option for those who want to work from their laptop as they travel the world and explore. Being a financial advisor is ideal for those with experience in the financial sector who wish to work for themselves.

Finding clients is the main challenge here, but once you have a solid number of clients you can support them using video calling, from just about anywhere in the world.

4. Day Trader

Day traders can either choose to work on their own, or look to work under the umbrella of a financial institution, managing the portfolios of clients. With this role, you are going to be working in a cut and thrust industry that offers both financial and work-based benefits.

Traders can comfortably work remotely and they can also work at different hours of the day, depending on which index they choose to trade on. Those working within a company can count on plenty of additional benefits too such as bonuses, great work environments, and plenty of team building days and adventurous outings.

There is plenty of money in this job role which is why we see so much passed on to the employees when it comes to offering great benefits.

5. Start-Up Advisor

5. Start-Up Advisor

For those who are interested in the business side of finance one job which you could look at is an advisor to start-ups all over the world. If you are looking for fun and interesting it doesn’t get much better than this, given the range of great start-ups that there are out there.

Most of these businesses rely on the sage and neutral support of an advisor, which is why so many are looking to use their knowledge of finance and business to support new companies within emerging industries like Pharma, tech, and finance.

These are just some exciting examples of finance jobs that can give you more.

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