How It Works: Shipping Parcels To Poland From The USA By Polonez America

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Shipping Parcels

Polonez America makes it easy to send parcels to Poland from the US.

The following is a guide on how to ship a parcel to Poland by Polonez America ( in a quick and smooth way.

Types Of Services Catered By Polonez America

 shipment of commercial and personal parcels

You will get a wide range of services from Polonez America starting from shipment of commercial and personal parcels to shipping container rentals.

Either through ocean or air, Polonez can provide several types of shipment even for different types of vehicles including Scooters, cars, boats, and motorcycles.

You can use any of the Authorised Shipping Outlets in the USA to send your commercial shipment which is then transported to the headquarters of the company. Finally, they are sorted along with establishing international transport.

The company has both private and commercial clients. Let us share with you the different types of services that are catered by Polonez America!

Parcel Shipping

You can get Polonez to deliver your parcel to Poland or any other Eastern European country easily. The service is one of the best with the highest quality delivery!

The parcel transportation process is established as a door-to-door container shipping service that has created brand awareness. Services such as stress-free removals, renting shipping containers, moving large and small containers, and more are all accessed with the help of Polonez America.

Vehicle Shipment

There is a list of vehicles that you can easily ship including ATVs, Jet Skies, Boats, Motorcycles, and Cars. The place of delivery is quite fixed, as you have to submit your vehicle from the headquarters of Polonez in Port Reading, NJ!

They will transfer your vehicles to the main warehouse situated in Czestochowa, Poland. You can easily collect it from there.


You will get offers for the resettlement process from Polonez. You can check out their official website where details are given regarding necessary documentation and requirements thus, beginning a process of resettlement.

Commercial LCL And FCL Shipping

Additionally, Polonez rents several shipping containers and ships them to various countries in Europe including Poland. You can use these services that will help you access various shipping services.

How Shipping Works?

How Shipping Works

The Polish shipping company has helped operate international shipping along with specialty thus, becoming a leading shipping firm. You will experience the efficiency and reliability of the organisation leading to an effective process of renting shipping services.

Let’s go through the different steps to ship parcels from the USA to Poland and other European countries.

Step 1: Online Parcel Creation

So, how does it work? First, if you are interested in shipping parcels to Poland by Polonez America, create an order for your parcel through online means.

Go to the website of Polonez America and input details such as destination address, size, and weight of your item. This process which is done online ensures that all necessary information is captured correctly contributing towards a seamless international shipping experience.

Step 2: UPS Delivers At Polonez America Warehouse

Once your parcel request has been made, UPS will pick up your package from wherever you are and deliver it to Polonez America’s warehouse in New Jersey, USA.

Through this dependable service provided by UPS, you are guaranteed that your package will reach the facility safely and within the shortest time possible. 

During this period, one gets their tracking number so as to keep tabs on the movement of their package.

Step 3: International Delivery Process

The handling of your parcel now shifts gears once it reaches the warehouse in New Jersey. The package goes through various checks while preparing all necessary international shipping documents.

By doing so, Polonez America allows for a seamless transition into international shipping with its highly skilled team always ensuring everything is on point.

Step 4: Shipping Internationally

From here onward, Polonez America organizes forwarding the mail internationally to Poland. They make safe use of effective logistics channels plus modes of parcel shipment that facilitate the timely arrival of consignments in perfect condition throughout this stage; therefore, their clients never have any trouble keeping track of what they have delivered using their company’s system at any given time.

Step 5: Polish Customs Clearance

On reaching Poland, these packages undergo custom control procedures. In addition to making sure that all relevant paperwork has been filled with accurate figures and amounts, Polonez America handles all customs processes.

The knowledge of customs rules that the company has earned over time helps to reduce unforeseen delays and smooth out this stage.

Step 6: Delivery Of The Consignment To The Recipient

After going through customs, your postcard is transferred to local delivery firms for the final leg of its journey.

In order for your mail to be delivered directly to the exact address where it should go, Polonez America collaborates with authentic local carriers. For instance, one will receive notifications affirming delivery and therefore help them relax since their parcel is already home.

Acquisition Of Polonez Parcel Service

Let me share with you some important information. It has been effective from 2nd April 2023 that Polonez parcel services are acquired by the Meest Group of companies. Apart from Polonez, the Meest Group has also acquired another company, “Doma Export” trademarks.

Finishing Off

In short, in the International Package Shipping market, Polonez has been working in the industry for about 35 years. You can experience the excellent and reliable services of Polonez as most of the clients are satisfied.

There are several elements such as containers, cargo, parcels, and vehicles which you can ship to Poland along with 40 other European countries successfully.

Comment below if you ever need to send any parcel to Poland or any other European country.

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