6 Best Internet Jobs for Young Freelancers

by Job & Career 21 April 2022

Young Freelancers

If you’re among young freelancers who want to make money on the web, there are a lot of jobs you can consider.

Nowadays, you can try your luck in just about anything from freelance writing to social media.

No matter what you decide, there are numerous development opportunities. Working online gives you access to an unlimited number of foreign and domestic clients.

This is especially great for people from impoverished countries who just want to broaden their horizons and receive new opportunities.

Here Are The 6 Best Internet Jobs For Young Freelancers

1. Content creation

Content creation

When talking about content creation, most people think of article writing. No matter what you’re doing, your site requires a quality professional for creating an actionable homepage, product pages, and blog posts.

Depending on the size of your blog, you might need a permanent employee. However, most companies outsource this service online to young freelancers.

Content creation can also refer to other types of services such as creating videos, infographics, images, and other digital content. In that regard, people with different expertise can perform this job.

2. Web development and design

Web development and design

Web designers and developers are crucial for anyone who wants to have a well-designed blog.

In fact, hiring an experienced web designer is important for all other marketing efforts. For example, people tend to bounce from blogs that are loadings slowly, and they don’t want to interact with pages that cannot be opened on mobile devices.

Despite the fact that your site needs to be optimized, it also has to look good. So, the designer’s job is to find a golden middle where the website will look visually appealing, but that won’t affect its performance. Basically, they need to find a way to keep the person on the site for as long as possible, thus increasing the likelihood they will purchase from it.

3. Email marketer

Email marketer

Nowadays, a lot of web entrepreneurs use email as a way of promoting their blogs or social media profiles.

The great thing about emails is that everyone has one. Even if a person doesn’t have a Facebook page or a website, you can rest assured that they have an email.

This allows you to create large marketing campaigns that would encompass people from all corners of the web.

Being an email marketer is much harder than you think. Your job is not only to send emails to various addresses but also to create actionable messages that would convert.

The professional’s main role is to incite positive emotions and create a connection with a target.

4. Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants

A lot of influencers and public persons have virtual assistants.

The main reason why you would outsource this job is that you can get a great service online for a low price.

If you live in the US or the UK, you will pay three times more if you were to hire local talent.

The job is not particularly hard in terms of the initial requirements, but it does need a high level of discipline.

Your virtual assistant should be available at any time of the day, and they should be very meticulous. If you wish to do the job, you will have to tackle various assignments ranging from email communication, social media posting, scheduling, etc.

5. Social media expert

Social media expert

No matter the industry, most businesses run several social media pages.

These are crucial for establishing contact with various parties, especially fans and all those who would do business with you.

Furthermore, it provides a more casual channel for interacting with other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Although I’ve mentioned that virtual assistants can do certain things on social media, larger companies definitely need a dedicated professional for this job.

Your main task is not only to post regular updates but to create messages that would invite other people to interact with your brand and potentially increase your visibility on a particular network.

6. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Despite the fact this job has been around for more than a decade, the majority of people still don’t know what search engine optimization entails.

As the name implies, your main task is to optimize websites for search engines.

You can do this by polishing the site itself, creating actionable content, getting high-quality links, and doing various other things.

Google search engine takes into consideration 200+ ranking factors when determining the relevancy of a page or a website. An SEO expert needs to consider all these factors so they can increase traffic to a particular site.


A lot of young freelancers use platforms such as Upwork to gain clients and test their mettle. It would even be better to create a website with your brand name or your personal name. That way, you won’t have to pay fees to third-party platforms. If you gain traction and the brand name becomes popular, you can one day sell it for a sizable profit via a domain brokerage service provider.

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