Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work Today

by Business 05 February 2021


In the age of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, marketing your business or product requires even more creativity. From paying small-time influencers for an Instagram post or a shoutout on their story to writing quick and witty Facebook advertisements, there is a whole new world of marketing to take advantage of.

But sometimes going old school is just as effective as new-age marketing tactics. Actually, you may even stand out from your competition if you revert to old school marketing tactics because you’ll be doing something different.

These are the classic marketing tactics you can still use to promote your business or product today.

Direct Mail Marketing-

The king of direct response marketing, David Ogilvy, would be horrified if he found out that direct mail marketing has taken a seat on the back burner in the 21st century.

The post office is still in service and people still check their physical mailboxes. Now, using direct mail marketing may work even better than it did before because people aren’t used to receiving items in the mail anymore.

It’s a great chance to send a sample, personalized brochures, or classic sales letters to your target market.

Branded Promotional Items-

 People should be proud to show off your brand, especially when they receive free promotional items. Whether it’s a useful tote bag perfect for grocery shopping or a thumb drive to back up digital files, your customers will be advertising your brand when using the promotional items that were gifted to them.

Include these items as an added bonus to their purchase or simply as a giveaway if they sign up for your emails or catalogs. Gifts go a long way in the eyes of a customer.

Billboard Space-

There are still a lot of cars on the roads, which means billboard advertising isn’t dead just yet. Just imagine how many thousands of people you can reach on an interstate highway.

Maybe a billboard isn’t your cup of tea, though. Instead, buy some advertising space at an entertainment or sporting event. You can even target your customers even better with the help of sports market research to see which events your customers are likely to attend.


Who doesn’t like getting a good deal? Offering coupons to your customers is a classic marketing tactic that will always be effective. Whether you offer a coupon when a customer subscribes to your newsletter or you send it in the mail as part of your direct mail marketing, it will always be appreciated.

Product Demonstrations-

Product Demonstrations

 There is no better way to prove that your product is effective and useful than demonstrating it to an audience. The best way to do this is in front of a live audience. This works best for cleaning products, food, and kitchen appliances and utensils.

Set up a booth in a store that carries your product or at a trade show and demonstrate how to use it in front of your potential customers. This gives them a chance to see the product in person and ask your sales rep specific questions before they purchase it.

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