What is Digital Marketing? Is it the same as Advertising?

by Marketing Published on: 29 December 2020 Last Updated on: 27 January 2021

Digital Marketing

It is the era of technology. In this age, every activity around the world takes place on the digital platform. The computer, laptops, mobiles, etc., along with the internet connection constitutes the digital platform or the digital podium. When a product or service or an event or an image of it is created using the digital platform, it is known as digital marketing. Thus, digital marketing and advertising deal with creating a photo or a brand about the product or service in the minds of the people.

However, when it comes to Advertisement, it is the process of using the internet to promote a product or a service. It is the most straightforward way to catch the targeted customers’ eye in an instant without any hassles. It creates a short term impact on the mind of the customers.

Commonalities between Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising:

Digital marketing is a broad concept. It is the way to create an image or brand, usually on the customers’ minds for a long term basis. It is done strategically and in a planned structure in a phase-by-phase manner. Although it is difficult to witness an instant profit out of it, however in the long run, it drives the sales and promotes the product or service.

In the case of advertising, it is a narrower concept. It is done with short term goals in mind to achieve instant success and reach potential customers. Through this, sales. After a particular duration of time, it is extracted from the online platform. It requires huge investments and is going in the air for a short time. However, it is repetitive. It is the step to achieve a target sale by reaching out to many customers. By implementing a digital advertisement, the targeted customers convert themselves into potential buyers of the product or service.

How is Marketing Done?

Marketing involves a well-planned layout to be implemented by a team of marketing experts and analysts. This team is responsible for creating a brand name and brand image of the product in the minds. In this, no specific groups pinout by suppliers. General practice done for all the common masses to impact them in the long run. The steps involved in Digital Marketing are:

  1. At first, a complete plan boundary was made, keeping in mind all the features of the product.
  2. In this plan, the marketing objective, and the short-term goals to be achieved are determined.
  3. Then, the long-term goals of running the marketing campaign by the team of the analyst.
  4. The budget for the different phases of marketing.
  5. The most critical step is now when the team determines the metrics of marketing.
  6. Finally, the ways or means of achieving the marketing goals and objectives are defined, and action in that direction.

How is Digital Advertisement Done?

Advertisements to target potential customers. These customers are targeted based on their preferences of products, the age-group they belong to, their requirements, etc. The data regarding this through data analysis of the customers on various online podiums. The steps involved in digital advertisements are as follows:

  1. The significant step is to identify the objectives of the supposed advertising.
  2. Then, the buyer personas by a team of advertisers.
  3. Partners to collaborate for the project.
  4. Good opportunities to launch the product or service.
  5. The messages regarding the products or services are forwarded to the customers to instigate them for buying.
  6. The given offer and track to generate leads for future advertisements.

The digital advertiser gathers the product’s information like what the product is, features of the product, when to launch the product, what to promote, duration of the promotion, etc., from the digital marketers.

An Example: Amazon is a brand. It is an online platform to sell merchandise by various sellers. It is this brand name that helps the sellers to get their products to market. They have created their brand name over the long run through careful planning and its implementation.

However, during Christmas or new year, the flash sale begins targeting each group of people differently. Like the western wears like dresses, jeans, tees towards the women group. However, the gents are targeted in this flash sale to sell watches, belts, shoes, etc. During this time, the products have many offers like discounts, exchange offers, etc. drives the sale of the product and is for a short duration of time, i.e. only Christmas and New Year time.

Types of Digital Advertisements: The various types of digital advertisements are:

  1. Display Ads: These are the different visual ads like images, texts, banners, flash, pop-ups, video ads, etc.
  2. Social media ads: The ads for promoting the products done on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., belong to this category.
  3. Search engine marketing: These marketing types when the people search for specific terms or concepts using the google search engine. The various types of SEM are pay per click or cost per thousand.
  4. Video Ads: These ads to engage with potential customers emotionally. The various types of videos are informational, or educational or how-to-do videos, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing:  The various podiums for digital marketing are:

  1. Website Marketing: It is merely the marketing done through the websites to get fast, reliable, and trusted customers.
  2. Content Marketing: is done through the contents published on a website. These contents get to live through SEO, social media platforms, etc.
  3. SMS Marketing: Done by sending SMS of Governmental and non-profit organizations to the potential customers to promote their products or services or generate the funds.


Digital Marketing is a broader concept. This includes all the channels of advertisements for the products or services for increasing their sales. Thus, Advertisement in the form of marketing. Marketing is on a long term basis, and Advertisement gets the benefit of marketing to increase the sales or generate the leads for the sale of the products.

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