4 Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Small Business

by Small Business Published on: 13 October 2017 Last Updated on: 23 May 2022

One of the Biggest Social Hubs for Small Businesses:

Facebook seems to be the greatest social network out there. It gives the perfect opportunity to attract new customers as well as to post videos with merely a phone or a tablet.

There are only a few tips and tricks to help create an effective video to bring in customers through this social website. This website will show it all, step by step; A Small Business Guide to Market Your Small Business

It’s important to understand how Facebook advertises its content to users. In fact, the video feed on Facebook trumps Youtube’s video feed from views alone.

For this to work, always begin by filming your video vertically to increase impressions and grab people in. They love a nice, clear video. Also, do not make it too long. Try to keep the length of your video at least under two minutes. If a video goes on for too long, viewers may lose interest. For Facebook though, most videos (about 85% of them) are watched without sound. To counter that issue, just set up captions and subtitles for viewers to read as the video plays which will then prompt them to turn the sound on. There are many tools to create Facebook ads that make it much easier.

For businesses, communication varies. So it is crucial to ask for opinions and input from viewers on posted videos so that the next one could be improved and better in quality. With that, it is always a plus to offer discounts and information. Video data provided by Facebook Insights could be a huge help to see what works best for audiences. There is another good tip for people to find content as well. Tagging lets people find content when they type in a keyword to search. What they type will come up in their suggestions. Users can search for anything.

In conclusion, Facebook is a heavily reliable platform to use to gain attention from businesses. Its useful video feed and popularity play a crucial part. Following these tips will make advertising a breeze in the long run. There are 10,000 publishers on Facebook right now. All that needs to be done is to write a simple script, take a camera and start!

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4 Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Small Business (Infographic)

Small business guide

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