5 Benefits Of Link Building For Small Businesses

by Business 31 March 2023

Link Building

Links (or backlinks) are the bridge between external Internet resources and your website.

From a technical point of view, backlinks are hyperlinks from one web page to another on your domain. Links are part of standard SEO audits to achieve a high ranking by search engines. The links can be placed on any website, including social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Link building is one of the most powerful marketing tools for creating highly visited websites. There are endless strategies (free and paid) for backlink building – from guest blogging to free popular content. Although many aspects are crucial during this process, the link quality matters, not quantity. If everything is done correctly, the organic traffic will boost your website in addition to other benefits.

Here Are Five Advantages Of Link Building For Small Businesses

The primary purpose of this article is to persuade website owners to perform regular link management using the five main benefits of link building. Link building is especially important for small companies as it significantly increases brand awareness. However, the benefits below are valuable for all companies, especially small ones, as no significant investments are required to achieve these benefits.

1. Better Search Ranking

 Search Ranking

Briefly, it was mentioned that links play a crucial role in the ranking of search engines. Backlink profile impact in ranking can achieve up to 70%. There are several rules for link building to achieve a high ranking.

Backlink profile using anchor text with your keywords have to include:

  • links mainly from relevant and authority domains.
  • links from different domains, not all from one.
  • links to all web pages of your website (not only the home page).
  • links placed organically in the content of the linking website.
  • links from a significant period of time, without gaps and including fresh ones.

A proper link is a vote for your website – with more votes; you receive a higher rank on the search engine research page (SERP). Google, for example, aims to provide the most relevant results to every request.

In addition, you may use tracking backlinks tools to check your and your competitors’ links’ quality. Doing so, you will understand how many quality backlinks you require to be higher. As a result, all organic traffic will be on your website.

2. Improval of domain authority

There is no constant measurement of domain authority by search engines or SEO tools; each tool and engine has its own name. But the score level in most of the cases is similar. For example, Ahrefs estimates domain authority with domain rating, SEMRush – authority score, and Moz – domain authority. No matter what this parameter is called, it strongly depends on the links of high-authority sites.

The maximum score is 100. Some tools rank page authority as well as domains based on the same tactics. Also, all SEO tools have their own ranking system. All backlinks impact these ranks; you will see in every audit number of backlinks – recent and historical, organic traffic, and in some cases traffic value.

Even though openly domain authority is not included in the Google ranking system, the figures are correlated with search ranking and metrics. Meanwhile, Google Search Algorithms are more interested in page ranking. So all high metrics for sure are beneficial for any website.

3. Increase your profit and possibilities of collaboration with other companies

Increase your profit

Increasing organic traffic leads to increased brand awareness, no matter what service or product your website is devoted to. That means more profit in sales or more opportunities to collaborate with other authority players to sound louder. With high credibility and reputation, you may become an influencer in your niche.

You can start “voting” campaigns for other websites and receive additional profit from this. That means you receive passive income from your product or service because you own a powerful website.

Also collaborating with other influencers, you will receive new ideas for expanding your business and opening new horizons. But you should not rely only on links; you should still regularly produce original and exciting content for visitors.

4. Increase conversion rate

Due to the constant flow of visitors, all trustworthy websites increase the conversion rate from visitors to buyers. More visitors – more reviews, likes, and followers for new sales.

You can even try to sell new products or change your niche. You may lose some audience, but some definitely will stay. Unfortunately, if you significantly change the product category, your relevant backlinks should not be more relevant. Therefore, you will need to update your backlink profile.

5. Possibility to sell website for a high price

sell website

Not everyone knows that not only products and services can be sold online, but popular websites are also valuable assets. If you create a trusted, relevant website visited regularly by buying an auditory, you can sell it with high revenue. One method of setting up a new business is to buy a domain with relevant history and auditory and present new products.

In this case, you will not look for search engines as a newcomer. You do not need to wait for evaluation and already be on top of search requests with some organic traffic. You have no limits in website design but must keep the website structure and the main product or service.


Backlink management consists not only of creating links per minimum requirements; you should also monitor the profile for missing or deleted backlinks and change the status from dofollow to nofollow.

The Internet proposes many links monitoring tools for all these tasks, or you can work by yourself. But SEO experts help to streamline your backlink profile, saving hours of time.

Also, if you order links incorrectly, you can receive a search engine ban and have to start your website from scratch. The SEO services are proposed for companies of all sizes worldwide, including small ones and startups.

The list of benefits can be continued with other advantages you get with a proper backlink profile, but even now, you should see that having a good backlink profile is essential. Regular backlink monitoring of your website and your competitors help to react to any market change.

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