Top 5 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Small Business

by Marketing 07 August 2018

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be mysterious for business owners. You do not need to be on Instagram for fame but for growing your business through engaging and connecting with your market. You will go through five top Instagram marketing strategies that will help you get to the next level.

Hashtags need to be in your strategy :

Apart from the image, Gramlike says that hashtags are important elements in posts. While captions tell the underlying story behind images, hashtags will help you get to the image seen by your followers. When users search for relevant hashtags, your posts will show up; rather, there are chances that the hashtags of competitors will show up and increase their influence that help them grow. Make use of the populous hashtags that increase your viewership. Since these are the best Instagram marketing strategies, you can also use less popular tags that are very relevant. They drive followers to your post and help identify target customers.

Be part and parcel of the community :

Just like other networking sites, Instagram when you are using it to formulate relations with other users. It not just about pictures in your vacuum; but it is about participating and forming a community around the photos. There are diverse ways of building a community on Instagram. The use of hashtags as one of your Instagram marketing strategies allows you to connect with people you have never connected with. Commenting and liking photos of other people gets you engaged with the bigger community. Taking part in campaigns will further your worthy cause and help contribute a great good.

Know the optimum posting frequency :

There is a lot of conflicting literature on the frequency of posting. You can choose what is working for your audience. There is no relation between the frequency of posting and the engagements rates the posts receive. Do not fear to push the envelope to your frequency of posting. Start with one daily and then increase gradually. When engagement starts dropping, scale backward until when you acquire optimum levels.

Optimize your profile :

Optimizing the profile is among Instagram marketing strategies. It does not take long to optimize your profile and it has an impact on the number of clicks people click on your site. You need to ensure that images are gelling with the vibe of the brand. Include a backlink to the site and create a landing page for visitors to promote your content. Use the logo of your company in the profile for users to know your company. Add a brand-specific hashtag to show users that you belong to them. You can also include a location if you have a business. Make sure content and images are consistent with other social media entities.

Make use of the right tools for streamlining your efforts :

You may be successful on Instagram by use of the app only. However, you need to realize that there are other tools that will save your time and provide insights into the way the tools are performing on your platform. The favorite multi-purpose tool is the Iconosquare. You can access your account through the browser, know which videos and photos are getting the highest rate of engagement, and track people following and unfollowing you. As one of the top Instagram marketing strategies, it is worth mentioning other tools like Schedugram, Piqora, and INK361 as they are vital for scheduling posts, helping to identify engaging content to share, and for managing, viewing, and scheduling your posts.

Conclusion :

The five Instagram marketing strategies above have provided you with the required motivation of employing Instagram as one of your marketing strategies or increase your investment in this platform. With more than sixty percent marketers using it, it is clear that it is holding a lot of value for firms regardless of the industry and size.


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