6 Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

by Marketing Published on: 14 March 2018 Last Updated on: 22 September 2018

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Social media marketing offers another strategic way of expanding your business if you know well about the techniques. The main need to focus on while promoting your business is the tips for engaging the audience. Twitter is one of the platforms which help you in promoting your business. As Twitter is the short message communication app that only uses 140 character long paragraphs to connect with the people who follow you. It becomes easy and quick to promote your business if you have the good number of followers. The number of favorites also contributes to the promotion. For this, you can gain more twitter favorites from SocialShop who offers the best twitter favorites in the market right now.

Twitter has millions of active monthly users that make Twitter a powerful marketing tool. You may need to follow the following ways of using Twitter to market your business.

1. Optimized Twitter Bio :

Your bio is the first thing people look at and focus on when they are willing to know you. Make your bio all the way clear and concise to what you offer best. You can even use some of the keywords that are being searched regularly by the people so that your profile gets some attention from them. The link to your company, brand, website or landing page should be the necessarily added to the bio. Tell people that what you are offering and why they should follow you. Adding hashtags also works well.

2. Use of Images and Videos :

As twitter let you communicate by using only 140 characters which is a tough thing to be good at, you can make use of the pictures and videos to communicate well. If a picture is worth a thousand words than adding that image to your tweet expands the idea of what you can share to beyond 140 character limits. The tweets with the pictures or videos get more retweets and favorites than the ones which are without pictures. You will get more eyeballs to your content and more people will follow you which ultimately promote your business. The new feature of Twitter also offers you with the editing part before uploading the videos. You can upload a video of about 30 seconds only.

3. Promotion of Tweets :

A promoted tweet is one of the best ways to promote your business. You need to set up an ad with a specific message which makes you appear at the top of search list when someone searches the specific keyword. By this, you will be followed by many other people and this helps you in promoting your business well.

 4. Offer Discount Codes :

There is no exception in the fact that everyone looks for deals. Offer your followers some discount codes and coupons to make them connected to your profile. They will give a try to your services and products just for being connected to your profile. Make sure that you are using the correct hashtags so that the people get to know about you easily and quickly and enjoy your special offers.

5. Provide Customer Care :

People in today’s time may praise or complaint about you and your brand on the social media easily. You may find it a bit irritating when someone complains about you on social sites, especially on Twitter, but it’s an opportunity for you to communicate directly and let them know that you actually care for your costumes. Work on the issue rose by the clients and do your best in resolving the issue as soon as possible. Direct interaction with the clients always works good and let you know about the points due to which you lack behind.

6. Answering Every Question Asked By The Clients :

Always reply the actual question asked by the client. Make your answer so thoughtful that your client should be satisfied. And always end your answer with a #hashtag.

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