How Mobile Apps Play Vital Role in Business

Many Small and medium business think that mobile apps are only for large business and enterprises. Though this might have been a case in the past now the tide is turning quickly with the rapid growth of mobile tech and mobile commerce.

Today business across all over the world becoming aware of the fact that well designed and the intuitive app can bring a lot of new business for their enterprise. Traditional marketing is slowly becoming irrelevant and they need to adapt new technology trends to stay relevant in their business.

Mobile technology is booming. Mobile has become a part of the daily lives of the people. The rise in mobile tech and mobile commerce can help businesses in a great way. It’s been reported that over 70% of world population now owns a smartphone. Businesses of all size and shapes are increasingly accepting mobile payments by turning their smartphones and tablets into Point of Sale terminal.

Mobile Apps are becoming the dominant from digital transformation of the things around us.

Adds New Marketing Channel:

Mobile App adds new marketing channel. In addition to traditional marketing channel new emerging channels like mobile marketing, social media marketing. Businesses should know that traditional marketing channels are becoming irrelevant gradually and they need to adapt new age marketing in order to stay in business. Mobile apps support existing marketing campaign and add new targeted audience.


In general shopping directly from the app gives feature enhancement. The customer can directly purchase from the app without physically going to store or ordering services by phone. Integrating e-commerce functionality within the app should be a seamless process.

Additional Value To Customer:

Mobile Apps provide additional value to your customer. The customer always wants Value added services on top of the product or services you offer to them. Mobile can be a great value addition on top of what you already offer. Value Added offering can include app only offers coupons, customer service request, new product update, and much more such things. Find a great Wondershare coupon from Groupon Coupons today and save more money for your business.

How Business Are Benefiting From Apps?

A recent report showed that 62% of businesses already have apps or were in the process of developing one. More than 50% of businesses use them for customer support and engagement.
People spend 174 minutes on their smartphones every single day and 30% of all online purchase by millennial are done on a mobile device.

Mobile Device Features:

Mobile Apps have an added advantage of using mobile device features like camera, Bluetooth, contacts, GPS, compass, etc. Such features when used in the app, can make it more interactive and fun to the mobile app users. The inbuilt mobile device features can significantly to perform a specific task in the mobile app.

Whether you develop an iPhone app or Android app both have similar mobile device features that you can take advantage of.

Brand Building:

Mobile Apps can help businesses to build a brand. Mobile apps increase customer engagement with the brand. It’s a great way to show your product or services in a creative way. Be the first among your competitors to have a mobile app and get an extra marketing edge for your business to get customer attention.

Engage Custome:

Mobile Apps are great to engage your customers. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest can be integrated into the app to make it more fun and easy to use for the users. You can even integrate payment gateway to make sure if a customer like to product on the app he can directly purchase it. From finding a product to learning more about your company everything can be performed in the mobile app. With in-app message and push notification, you can send updates and offers in real time to increase customer engagement.

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