Direct Mail Marketing Examples For Corporate Businesses

by Marketing Published on: 05 June 2020 Last Updated on: 06 June 2020

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing strategy is one of the best ways to promote your business and connect with customers. In fact, out of all the marketing techniques that exist, this is one of the most efficient that has proved to work.

Thinking about the best direct mail solutions is sometimes challenging, and this is why we’ll cover the best examples in this article. In addition, you’ll discover the reasons why it is still a very powerful marketing technique.

If you manage a business and are in need of direct marketing examples and successful direct mail campaigns, you’re definitely in the right place.

Make sure to stick until the end to see why direct mail marketing is crucial to your business and how to make it personal enough to win customers the right way.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Strategy is the Way to Go?

Direct mail marketing is getting less common these days and taking that as an advantage will certainly help to grow your business. Saying why it is the right advertising method for your business will take ages, however, let’s see a quick example.

If we think about McDonald’s, the highly advertise their business sending promotions and leaflets of their latest sandwich giving people want to have one.

Now, think about the last time you saw a McDonald’s totally empty: most likely a long time ago.

Direct Mail Marketing is still extremely important nowadays and you shouldn’t hesitate a minute about investing in it.

Other than that, it is a great addition to other marketing strategies such as Facebook or Google ads.

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Important things to consider in Direct Mail Solutions

While direct mail marketing always works, there are things to consider not to promote a boring and banal message to customers.

#1 – Personalization

There are several ways to personalize your direct mail marketing strategy and should definitely be original. Getting personal is essential to attract attention and get your business to grow. Personalize the envelope you’re sending, customize the gift for your client, and add their name to make it look even more inviting.

Personalization is key to direct mail marketing strategy and these examples are only of the few endless customizations.

#2 – Have a Strong Call to Action

Having a strong call to action is key in marketing as a whole, but even more in this case. Create urgency, choose the right words, incentivize your message with discounts such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Having a strong call to action is important to attract clients and make them become loyal.

#3 – Who is Your Target?

Deciding who your target has always been the number 1 rule in marketing and this is even more crucial in direct mail. Here, contrary to online ads, you’ll need to target smaller groups of prospects as they’ll be more likely to respond to your call.

What are the Direct Mail Marketing Gift Examples For Corporate Businesses?

Using direct mail strategy doesn’t necessarily mean sending postcards or welcome leaflets. In fact, sending Corporate Gifting can have a big impact on your targeted audience and therefore advertise your business easily. Let’s have a quick look at some direct marketing examples

Graf Lantz – Custom Felt Coasters $24

Graf Lantz

Sending custom felt coasters is a fantastic direct mail solution for corporate food companies. It can be customized with a logo, a slogan, or simply a discount for new openings. It is an inexpensive item that can create a positive and surprising effect on potential new clients and create collaborations.

Basik Candle Co

Basik Candle Co

Candles are a simple yet nice product that can make successful direct mail campaigns if you target the right customers. A great example would be a corporate business selling intimate or romantic products that want to advertise their latest catalog in a beautiful way.

tIt would add a romantic touch to the invitation and that certainly will make them feel that the owner values them.

Notebook – Customize Cover And Pages


Just like the other direct mail solutions above, this notebook can be personalized and attract many customers. Whether your business is a popular website, an international stationery brand, or a modern co-working space, you’ll surprise your targeted audience. This is also one of the best b2b direct mail examples that you can consider to grow your business.

To sum up, sending gifts and adding a personal touch to win customers is one of the best answers to why we use direct mail marketing.

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