How To Create The Perfect Team Page For Your Online Business Website

by Business 24 November 2023

Team Page

You will be pleasantly surprised, but having a well-thought-out team page can boost your sales and skyrocket your revenue. How? Well, as recent research shows, a team page helps companies make a good first impression and is essential in creating customer trust and loyalty. If you run a small company, putting together a meet-the-team page on your business website might make you appear more approachable. 

Furthermore, with a team page, you can easily highlight the skills of each employee and demonstrate to your target audience that you are all experts in the field. Unsure of how to make your entire team stand out? Do you have a lot to say but don’t know how to make it into a compelling story? It is not a problem at all. Let us share with you the most effective tips and tricks! Interested? Keep an eye out!

What Makes a Great “Team” Page?

The main goal behind the “Team” page is to show users what kind of team you are. Do you have a professional UX/UI designer on your team? How many digital copywriters work with you? Maybe you have a dedicated search engine optimization specialist who regularly attends SEO conferences and knows all recent Google ranking trends. Let your potential customers know who works in your team. 

The “Team” page allows you to engage your website users indirectly. Thus, in addition to providing information about your company and the services you provide, you can establish a line of direct communication. Of course, having a “Team” page is half the battle; making this page attractive, informative, and converting is something different. And we will focus on the latter. Stick to the below tips to make your “Team” page serve its purpose. Lack inspiration? There are many examples of great “Meet the Team” pages that will fire your imagination. 

Tip #1 — Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your team page can help you make your website feel more relatable and give off a friendlier vibe. Thus, you can show the human side of your business, build trust with your audience, and show that you are a company that cares about its employees.

Using images and videos showcasing your team members and their personalities will help you achieve this goal. You can also share stories about your team members and their experiences working for your company. This can help your audience connect with your team members and understand your company culture.

Tip #2 — Add Photos of Your Team Members

This is an effective trick that works in 100% of cases. Adding photos of your team to the page can help humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your audience. On top of that, you can establish credibility and show that your team members are real people with real expertise. People trust people and love to see who they are dealing with. However, make sure to post only high-quality photos and images on your website.

Otherwise, you risk creating a poor professional image. This is definitely not something that you are looking for, right? The good news is that you do not need to pay for a professional photoshoot, a simple online tool can help you. It is easy, fast, and doesn’t cost sky-high. You can read more about tool and give it a try.

Tip #3 — Showcase Your Team’s Talents and Skills

By showcasing your team’s talents and skills, you can establish credibility and prove that your team members are experts in their field. This way, you can boost morale and motivation among your team members and make them feel valued and appreciated. There is no fits-for-all way to showcase your team’s talents. You can include personal bios of your team members, talk about their professional journeys, and highlight their successes to show what they bring to the table.

Featuring widgets that direct users to the social media accounts of your team members is a good way to improve business-human interaction. After all, the role of social media as a business accelerator is just huge. So do not neglect it!

Thus, you can highlight their personalities, ideas, preferences, and activities that may or may not be directly relevant to work. However, when adding this section to your “Team” page, make sure that the social media profiles you are referring to do not contain any information that could harm the reputation of your company or business.

Make Your “Team” Page Work for Your Business

A creative “Team” page is an excellent way to show your company’s culture, expertise, and achievements. Use your imagination to give this section personality. Telling professional stories of your team members and showcasing their skills will help your business stand out. Adding a personal touch with real photos of your employees will radically change the vibe of the team page and propel it to the next level. Don’t take this page’s potential for granted, and make its virtual space work for your business to shine.

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