5 Reasons Why Print Advertising Still Works

by Advertising 08 October 2022

Print Advertising

In the digital world, it would be easy to think that the only way to advertise a product is online through platforms such as social media, e-mail marketing, and websites.

However, research indicates that there is indeed still a place for magazine printing companies when it comes to delivering results for advertisers.

It may come as a surprise but not everyone is invested in the internet with some still preferring the printed word and the familiarity that magazines and newspapers breed.

Here Are Five Important Reasons Why Print Advertising Still Works:

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Why do we feel that print still plays an important part in advertising? Well listed below are five of the reasons why we believe advertising in print is just as valuable as having an online presence.

1. Customers See Printed Adverts as Being More Trustworthy

You may not believe It, but people tend to spend more time reading and digesting printed adverts because they think that they are from a trusted source.

There is statistical proof that around 75% of consumers are more trusting of digital advertising than online promotions when it comes to making a buying decision. One of the main reasons for this is the number of unscrupulous people who use platforms like social media and e-mails as a way to scam consumers.

2. Printed Adverts are Longer Lasting

The fast-paced nature of social media often means that adverts come and go from your news feed quickly. You may see something that piques your interest but not actually do anything about it at the time, then when you want to revisit it, you are unable to locate it which is extremely frustrating.

With Print advertisings, you can take note of where you have seen it, put it away and go back to it when you are ready to investigate further.

3. Print is Accessible to Everyone

When a company chooses print advertising using things such as flyers, magazines, or newspapers they can be sure that everyone can see it. This is especially true when it comes to local advertising that covers a particular geographical area.

This gives everyone a chance to get a hold of the product you are promoting. Believe it or not, there are people in the world who do not have Facebook or Twitter accounts meaning that you could be missing a percentage of your target market.

4. Printed Adverts Can Be More Targeted

Anyone who uses social media or access email will attest to the fact that they are flooded with adverts or companies offering all sorts of products. Who can honestly say they read the majority of the emails that come into their inbox? Print is generally considered to be much easier to read and as such will hold a consumer’s attention for much longer.

When we browse the internet we tend to skim over things without taking things in. When someone buys a magazine or newspaper they do so because they are interested in the contents which mean they will undoubtedly pay more attention to any adverts there.

5. Reduced Competition

There are so many companies now flooding online platforms with low-quality adverts that consumers often can’t see the wood for the trees. With print, you are likely to find much less competition because it removes companies with no serious advertising strategy.

We believe companies that still use print advertising know their market and are more focused on customer needs.

The reasons we have highlighted above are just five of the reasons why we believe that magazines, newspapers, and other forms of printed media still play an important role when it comes to effective marketing.

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