Top LinkedIn Ads Strategies for Achieving Growth

by Advertising 07 September 2021

LinkedIn ads

Several businesses integrate LinkedIn ads into their marketing strategy to achieve growth. This article discusses proven strategies for generating quality leads and conversions. In addition, there are instances of several brands utilizing LinkedIn ads services to achieve growth.

This article discusses a few of those instances and the results obtainable in each case. Let’s get to it without wasting time!

5 Tips For Achieving the Growth With  LinkedIn Ads

You can get your prospects’ attention by making offers that are valuable to your audience. Before starting, you need to ask yourself – what is the most pressing need for your audience? How can you solve this need with an offer?

Here are the five easy strategies to build an enormous number of followers with simple LinkedIn ads.

1. Creating Content That Provides Value for Your Audience

1. Creating Content That Provides Value for Your Audience

Suppose you are running a consulting firm, a consulting firm needed to reach out to a specific job function like pharmacy owners and managers in a target industry.  The first step was to understand the pain points of pharmacy owners and managers. 

Writing about a specific need that concerns an audience can significantly reduce the cost per lead in your  LinkedIn ads. The next step was to tap into the audience’s customer network to learn about the problems they faced.

Afterward, the firm needed to brainstorm content offers in your  LinkedIn ads that could solve the audience’s needs. Eventually, the firm came up with a timely content offer which was a free pharmacy compliance guide. With the help of the guide, pharmacy owners could work with auditors at a critical part of the year.

The consulting firm could identify the audience and provide valuable content that pharmacy professionals were willing to exchange their contacts for by using LinkedIn ads. The firm could also use email nurturing capabilities to acquire 122 leads at $11.76 per lead.

Therefore, you can identify your audience’s pain points and provide a suitable offer by utilizing LinkedIn ads.

2. Running LinkedIn Ads As Experiments

LinkedIn ads can improve your performance metrics with time. For example, a specific brand is increasing its leads and increasing the submission rate by 25%. This increasing submission rate directly influences the click-through rate, which is two times higher than the LinkedIn B2B tech industry benchmark.

When you are running a LinkedIn ad as a social experiment, group and isolate essential variables to understand what works for your business, also, developing a straightforward, user-friendly naming convention helps you understand winning ad messages that can generate quality leads.

The brand also utilized LinkedIn sponsored content and lead generation form types to target firmographics and job titles for generating quality leads at a competitive cost per lead (CPL). Setting up an Ad plan tracker with LinkedIn ads campaigns, group names, and conversion metrics can show you the quality of leads. 

These targeting combinations can let you know which factors work and the type of ad messages that generate the best leads. Then, with continuous experiments, you will see results.

3. Leveraging Data For Creating More Engagement For Clients

Leveraging Data For Creating More Engagement For Clients

A brand needed to nail its target audience on LinkedIn to reduce its CPL. To do this, the brand decreased its CPL by 25% while still obtaining quality leads by using the client’s contact information.

Another brand also found leads that had shown interest in their product by viewing specific pages. The brand also added a separate filter alongside their viewers on LinkedIn to target demand lead generation for marketers and large companies. By utilizing the brand’s CRM and LinkedIn targeting, the brand had a 45% landing page conversion rate and 138 high-quality leads.

Eventually, the brand easily creates campaign assets with  LinkedIn ads and coordinates the execution across various channels. The individual brand is measuring present marketing impact and after campaigns impact.

4. Setting LinkedIn Ads Campaign Budget


Allocating a budget is another crucial decision to make in leveraging LinkedIn ads. Advertising on LinkedIn is quite similar to Facebook and Google ads. 

Some of the steps in allocating budget for  LinkedIn ads include;

  1. Setting your total budget preferably per day
  2. Setting campaign dates
  3. Selecting bid type

A long-term strategy is essential when setting your budget. On LinkedIn, it is recommended that you test with at least $100 per day or $5000 in total. Although this recommended budget may be high for a SaaS company, $200 per week is a good start. It would be best if you bid higher than the recommended goal for competition.

5. Control Your Bid Amount

Control Your Bid Amount

It is best to use the maximum CPC bid feature to control your bid amount. You may also use the LinkedIn automated bid feature if you trust the platform to work in your best interest. It is best to always plan your bid accordingly regardless of the bid type because LinkedIn ads can use up to 120% of your daily budget.

There are two approaches LinkedIn recommends for allocating your budget if you are running multiple ads or campaigns. 

They include;

  1. Splitting BOFU and TOFU ads in 70/30 ratio
  2. Splitting BOFU and TOFU ads in 50/50 ratio

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The tactics discussed in this article can help your brand generate success via LinkedIn ads. You can also hire a successful marketing agency to handle your LinkedIn advertising.  At Getuplead, we have expert LinkedIn advertising services that can boost your marketing campaign.

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