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by Advertising Published on: 06 April 2019 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

Native advertising is gradually but steadily conquering the world of online advertising. While pop-ups and traditional advertisements are losing, natives get more loyal attitude due to their non-intrusiveness and correlation to the webpage design, as if they are a part of the surrounding. Native ads are expected to take the stage on the advertising market and there are some facts why some of us are allowed to think so. One of native advertising platform is Absolutclick provides high-quality services for advertiser and publisher and working with different pricing models.

Many people consider pop-ups and other traditional online advertising models as spam, and as such block them. Several studies have shown that there are over 200 million devices, which have ad blockers placed on them. In other words, if you are a brand that is investing your hard-earned money in traditional forms of online advertising, you are losing everything.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Native advertising is slowly but surely replacing traditional online advertising in the digital world. Many benefits are attached to native advertising. The biggest amongst which is that it seamlessly blends into the web surroundings. They also pass through the normal ad blocking software and are not shown as pop-ups.

  • Native ads receive the biggest money investments in the USA and other western countries. The spending trend for native advertising is drastically increasing year-on-year. If you want figures, the native advertising industry is worth nearly 21 billion dollars. This figure is only for America. Imagine if we were able to get numbers for the entire world.


  • Nearly ten million dollars were earned on native advertising from virtual reality. Pokemon Go has brought us some troubles and unpredictable events, but marketers were certainly happy. The message of this passage is that advertising is entering even impossible areas. You can opt for native advertising even on virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. Native advertising can adapt to changes in technology.


  • Google is very positive about native advertising. They see the positive impact of it for the whole online ecosystem and see it as the way to get in touch with users again, as otherwise, all the job was in vain. If you do not have Google’s support, chances are that you might not be able to do a lot. Google promotes native advertising more than it does other forms of digital advertising. It strongly rejects pop-ups and similar mediums.


  • People, who are working from another side of advertising, adblock software developers also mention that they have no idea how to block all the ads and whether it will be technically possible. Those who implement old tricks like turning adblock off for showing your content risk to lose their audience or there will some mechanisms to overcome be invented. It is high time for webmaster and publishers be attentive to people and their needs.

To be honest, people can’t stand or sometimes even hate the advertisements, but they have gotten used to it. As a result, we have worked out banner blindness, because people are too tired of “the best dental clinic ever” or some strange services. We all have learned they want to distract us and get our money.

Native advertising is a kind of compromise between those who want to advertise and those who want to have their online activities calm and convenient. No one knows what expects advertising marketing in 5 or ten years, but now it is the best solution when brands can offer something to the audience without extra annoyance.

Native advertising is the most advanced and natural way of getting your brand’s message across through paid advertising. However, like everything else, it is the duty of digital marketers to spend smartly and wisely when it comes to online advertising.

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