How to Successfully Advertise Your Cleaning Business

by Small Business Published on: 19 May 2018 Last Updated on: 29 April 2020

Cleaning Business

Successful marketing and advertising efforts are critical for a cleaning business.

Unlike most businesses, the cleaning industry is slow to grow. Many clients only need the services once every week leading your team scrambling to find work on the other days.

Bring up your advertising game with a killer marketing strategy guaranteed to increase your potential for obtaining new clients.

Here are 8 strategies specifically designed for how to advertise your cleaning business.

1. Cleaning Business Competitive Analysis :

Who are your competitors? What are they doing to advertise their services?

Businesses like the cleaning franchise are often called and asked for quotes before even getting a potential client. The upfront cost seems to be what is most appealing to newcomers.

Take advantage of that fact and do your research to see what your close competition is asking for from their clients. Discover how they are charging and what tools/ingredients they are using.

All of this information will help you get a better understanding of what you are working against.

2. Cleaning Business Focuses On The Customer :

Although you want to be competitive, be sure to put your customer’s needs first. There are very few companies nowadays that really focus on making their customers happy.

After all, an outstanding Google review is one of the best ways to receive new high-quality clients.

3. Cleaning Business has Network :

Look back at the people you have worked with in the past that have moved on to other companies. Think about the family friends you grew up with and those you went to church with. All of these people are contacts that can help you promote your business.

Using your existing contacts to build a client base is a great strategy. Especially if they are all from different groups of people, each new client you bring on opens up a new possibility of having that client refer you to a friend.

Networking always seems tough at first. You don’t want to push your business on anyone, but you also think that they could really gain value from what you have to offer.

Networking is free advertising. Take advantage of it.

4. Cleaning Business Searches Marketing :

Create a website, add it to Google as a viable business, and start getting reviews.

Search marketing is the easiest way to be found in a day in age where everyone turns to the internet as a source of truth.

Be the truth they wish to find by using Google’s software like Google AdWords to promote your business. You can set your budget to be whatever you want it to be.

These tools increase the possibility that your website will be clicked on. Assuming that you have all of the information a potential customer needs on your website, this is a great way to get a sale.

5. Don’t Forget About Retargeting :

A customer needs to see an ad seven times before remembering it. The likelihood of a potential consumer looking at your ad and taking action right away is slim. Don’t waste ads on new consumers when you can take action on people who have seen your ads before.

Online behavior has made many marketing guru’s stress retargeting more than any other kind of marketing. These ads only appear to people who have either visited your site and did not take action or saw an ad for your website and did not take action.

These are the consumers you want to start with because they present the best potential for a future sale.

Remember, they need to see the ad seven times in order to remember it.

6. Reviews :

This was mentioned previously, but it must be stressed again. Reviews are a free organic form of advertisement.

Having high reviews on a popular review site like Yelp, Trip Advisor, or even Google show a consumer that the quality of the product or service is good.

This form of advertisement speaks for itself, literally. It is not a flashy sign in their face but is a way of showing the true value of the company from the perspective of a consumer.

7. Cleaning Business Facebook Marketing :

Residential leads are very successful when using Facebook Marketing services. Facebook Ad’s have come a long way and are even better for small companies like a cleaning start-up.

Take advantage of the potential to grow your business by following the clients you hope to receive on social media sites.

Commenting on requests for good cleaners, messaging the company directly, or making ads specific to only small businesses in your area will increase your lead pool immensely.

Sometimes it is all about where you can place leads and not necessarily where you can get an immediate sale. A valuable long-term client is best.

8. Create a Promo Video :

Let’s face it. Video’s go viral, content doesn’t. Yes, your article about cleaning the home of a nice family could go viral….but it would likely need a hilarious video to go along with it.

To show your creative side and compete against your cleaning company neighbors, consider creating an introductory video and posting it all over the web.

This will show potential consumers who you are as a company, as a person, and as a potential business partner. It also lets them know that you are up to date with the latest trends. Publishing videos are very ‘in’ right now and that can go a long way with smaller companies that do not have a lot of money to invest.

How To Advertise Your Cleaning Business :

With these 8 advertising tips, your cleaning business can definitely take the leap and bring in some exciting new clientele. Although there is no surefire way to gain the clients that will become life-long clients, you will see more website views, interested clients, and potential investment opportunities by following these cleaning tips.

Is your advertising budget a lot smaller than you would have hoped? Don’t sweat it. Here are 10 great marketing strategies that do not need a large budget.

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