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As an emerging live streaming platform, Flutin Live has managed to keep up its performance as a creator-friendly live streaming solution. In such a short span of its existence, the platform has consistently kept updating its existing features as well as bringing in new features and plans and pricing on the table.

With a constant focus on ensuring their users have all the tools they need to succeed as a streamer, the Flutin Love features are some of the best in their class. Take a look at Flutin Live’s exclusive features that come as part of their subscription plan.

Flutin Live is no stranger to streamers anymore – it’s quickly developing a reputation of being the go-to live streaming solution, especially for beginners.

Taking a look at their numerous features will tell you why. The live streaming platform equips users with smart and advanced tools that help them transform the streaming experience for their viewers.

Despite the plans and pricing, they ensure their free users also get to make the most out of their streams. Here’s a detailed account of the Flutin Live features that one gets to explore as part of their subscription plan.

1. Multistreaming

1. Multistreaming

Do you necessarily have to get the subscription plan to be able to multistream? The answer is no. Flutin Live even lets its free users stream to multiple destinations at the same time.

The difference lies in the number of destinations you could stream to simultaneously. Unsubscribed users can stream to up to 2 destinations at a time whereas paid users can stream to a maximum of 10 destinations at a time. Getting the subscription plan pays off big time as you then get to stream to all the streaming giants (Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and get the benefits of each platform’s reach.

2. Duration

Free users will be able to stream up to 10 hours in a single month via Flutin Live. On the other hand, no such restriction exists for paid subscribers. So, even if you’re planning to not get the subscription plan, you can still stream up to two and a half hours weekly, which is what most standard streamers follow. However, if you want to take up streaming professionally, getting the plan is a much better idea as you can then stream regularly without worrying about the time limit.

3. Commissions

 Flutin Live has always maintained that it exists solely to help creators get the opportunity they deserve. And this shows in what they practice and offer. In the case of free users, Flutin Live charges only 20% of the money made during streaming and via ticket sales whereas this percentage further shrinks to 10% in the case of subscribed users.

4. Multi-Chat

4. Multi-Chat

 Multi-Chat is a feature that is available for use by both the paid and unpaid users. The multi-chat option displays on the screen all the chat sections of the platforms you multi-stream to. This enables you to communicate with your viewers on each platform instantly.

5. RTMP Streaming

 Today, RTMP streaming has become the unsung hero in helping viewers enjoy low latency streams. Flutin Live has generously allowed all its users to be able to reap the benefits of RTMP streaming. Free users can add up to 1 custom RTMP destination whereas paid subscribers can add up to 5 custom RTMP destinations.

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6. Branding

Sometimes, being completely visible before your viewers can help you make a lasting impression on their minds? What exactly does “visible” mean? Well, while streaming, your viewers will undoubtedly be able to see you. But, sometimes, the littlest of details can make a huge difference. For instance, having your personal logo displayed at the top of the stream can help new viewers remember you better. This is what subscribed users of Flutin Live get to benefit from. They can have their own logo displayed in place of the platform’s logo.

7. HD Quality

7. HD Quality

The quality of a stream can make a significant difference in its performance. Today, with internet penetration increasing by the hour, users demand streams of higher quality. That’s where getting Flutin Live’s subscription plan pays off again. Subscribed users enjoy the advantage of streaming in HD quality (1080p).

Flutin Live has locked and loaded the platform with cutting edge features that can give tough competition to its competitors. Streamers can make use of the plethora of features under the subscription plan to actually make more than what they invest and build a strong online presence in the streaming world.

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