The Effectiveness of Print Promotions in the Digital Era

by Technology Published on: 27 August 2019 Last Updated on: 05 December 2019

Print Advertising

The internet has been the death knell for printed media such as newspapers and many magazines. For a while, it seemed that print advertising was also going down the tubes. Everyone thought that printing would go the way of the dodo as most brands were opting for online advertising methods like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other ad networks. However, not only has there been a resurgence in printing, but the technology that was seemingly responsible for the drop in printed advertising is also the factor that is bringing it back in a big way.

The Rebirth of Print Advertising

While many companies embraced online ad platforms, some marketers in innovative companies were finding ways to make use of print advertising to achieve great results. Printed media, coupled with the increase in functions and apps, such as the popularization of QR code technology,  has been experiencing a rebirth.

Physical-Emotional Connection

For years, people were receiving too many pieces of conventional mail, including bills, leaflets, flyers, and catalogs. The amount of mail each household came in contact with was overwhelming. Then, as if lightning had struck, everything was done online. Bills are paid online via credit card, ads are served on your favorite website through advertising networks, and many magazines have gone digital.

Studies have shown that an audience that comes in contact with a piece of printed media can become more emotionally attached to your brand. That’s why a quality mailing that grabs people’s attention can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Finding the Best Large Format Printing in NYC

Nowhere is the resurgence of print advertising more prevalent than in New York City. Companies interested in large format printing nyc are making full use of the principle of tying their customers to their brands with the innovative use of printed content and direct response mail.

Synergies in Digital and Print Combinations

Print advertising can be effective on its own as it stands out when done correctly. However, the truly significant increase in conversions happens when print media is combined with digital campaigns in a synergistic manner. Printed content is effectively used to drive traffic to digital media where a call-to-action can produce sales or capture a user’s e-mail address for further communication. Also, printed material is often used to reinforce big online ad campaigns, providing the audience with a takeaway bit of media that will give the digital ad longevity in the minds of users.

Augmented Reality

Perhaps one of the biggest boosts to printed advertising has come with the widespread use of augmented reality. This new technology takes the best of traditional print media and combines it with a high-tech digital universe that unfolds right before your audience’s very eyes.

Take Advantage of Printed Media

Whether you will be using direct mail or printed pieces that you distribute at your company’s physical locations, printed media can offer your brand a significant competitive advantage. Contact an experienced printing service today to examine the countless options.

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