Top 5 Enterprise Storage Solutions For SMEs (2022)

by Business Development Published on: 21 November 2022 Last Updated on: 01 February 2023

Enterprise Storage

For small to medium enterprises of all scales, enterprise-ready storage solutions are a cornerstone of conducting business.

Without adequate storage solutions, an enterprise will struggle to run its servers and workstations to their full capacity, which can hinder productivity and mean that customers won’t get the best service possible.

Today’s article will cover the best enterprise storage solutions for businesses that supply digital services.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Dell 1.2TB SAS Hard Drive

Starting with a hard drive disk from Dell that is useful in a host of enterprise setups, the 1.2TB SAS HDD is ideal for expanding server storage or mass storage for a workstation that may require it.

This hard drive features:

  • 10,000 RPM
  • 12Gbps transfer rate for data
  • A 2.5” form factor
  • A sector size of 512n
  • Usually supplied with a Dell R/T Series drive tray

For such impressive specifications, the usual price point of around £110 – £140 provides great value for smaller enterprises. Of course, the price will depend on if you buy it new or refurbished, and different retailers will have different rates.

Dell 14TB SATA Hard Drive

For those enterprises looking for bulk storage space to expand their server capacity or their storage array capacity, then this huge 14TB drive is a superb option. This specific hard drive model comes with a SATA interface and features specifications such as:

  • 7,200 RPM
  • 3.5” form factor
  • 6Gbps data transfer rate
  • 512e sector size
  • It is usually supplied with a Dell R/T series drive tray

While you sacrifice data transfer rate and RPM over a hard drive such as the 1.2TB SAS, the competitive price point of around £350 – £450 for such a large drive is certainly worth consideration – depending on your operational needs. Again, this price will vary, mostly based on if the part is new or refurbished.

This hard drive disk is a great choice for more mid to high-end enterprises looking to expand an existing storage solution.

For a more high-end option for enterprise operations of much larger scales (and needs), the 7.68TB solid-state drive from Dell is as impressive as it is useful. For those that require fast transfer rates between their servers, workstations, and even third-party endpoints, an SSD of this scale is paramount to a smooth operation.

Dell 7.68TB Solid State Drive

This colossal solid-state drive has the following specifications:

  • Read intensive storage type for optimal data transfer
  • A data transfer rate of 12Gbps
  • 2.5” form factor
  • SAS interface for connectivity
  • It is usually supplied with a Dell R/T series drive tray

A solid-state drive of this grade will set your operation back around £1,500 to £1,800, depending on the retailer and if the drive is brand new or refurbished.

For a drive of this kind, we’d always recommend buying it refurbished to save a few hundred for a marginal difference in performance. Additionally, most refurbishment companies will offer an in-depth warranty for tech to ensure their customers receive a quality product and can buy in confidence.

Dell 960GB Solid State Drive

For those enterprises out there looking for a mid to low-range option for their server or workstations, the 960GB SSD from Dell is a solid choice. With a SATA interface for connectivity, this model of SSD boasts the following specifications:

  • Read intensive storage type for fast communication between storage devices
  • 2.5” form factor
  • 6Gbps transfer rate for data
  • Most commonly supplied with a Dell R/T Series Drive Tray

You’d be looking to spend no more than £360 or £370 all-in for a solid-state drive of this caliber. As far as SSD go, this is a fantastic choice for those needing responsive storage on a slightly larger scale than expected for a normal workstation – although this specific SSD would be better suited to a small server.

Dell PowerVault MD3220 Storage Array

Sometimes, buying an individual solid-state drive or hard drive disk won’t cut it. If your enterprise is going through a huge growth phase, investing in a storage array may be the way forward for your operation.

A great storage array is worth its weight in gold for an SME for the capacity and functionality they can offer servers and, by extension, the value your enterprise can offer customers.

The PowerVault MD3220 features:

  • 12 x 600GB SAS Hot-Swap Hard Drives
  • Each HDD has: a 6Gbps data transfer rate,10,000 RPM, 2.5” form factor
  • X24 way backplane that can support up to 24 x 2.5” SAS HDDs and SSDs
  • Dual Redundant 600W PSUs
  • 2 x SAS 6Gbps Quad-Port Controllers

For such a brilliant storage solution, you’ll need to spend around £950 – £1,150.

To Conclude

We hope this list of storage options and solutions for your enterprise is useful. Never stop researching valid storage options, as other types of storage exist – for example, cloud storage solutions and offline storage solutions.

Make sure and find the right solution for your enterprise!


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