7 Home Improvement Businesses You Can Start This Year

by Business Development 21 September 2022

Home Improvement Businesses

You have probably seen many pictures of magnificent houses in architectural magazines and interior design blogs. However, it takes a lot more to transform these houses into homes that owners can cherish.

Homes have an emotional value that is much more significant than their price, as they are a haven for families. Nevertheless, to ensure that a home remains to be a safe, welcoming, and comfortable place for families, upgrading them is important. Regular improvements also ensure that the monetary value of the house keeps increasing with time.

Moreover, owners of traditional homes are now looking to modify their houses into modern ones. This is why entering the home improvement industry is a great idea for any new entrepreneur.

7 Home Improvement Businesses To Start Over This Year:

There are many types of home improvement businesses to choose from, but whichever one you choose will prove lucrative and profitable. Here are a few home improvement businesses you can start this year.

Home Improvement Businesses To Start

1. Painting Business

Even the most basic of home improvements require the house to be repainted, as a fresh coat of paint can greatly increase the appeal of even the oldest houses. This is why a painting business is a great venture, as there are plenty of opportunities.

Most importantly, the training needed to operate this business is minimal, making it even more appealing. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can become part of a painting franchise that offers a low fee and can support your business in multiple ways.

Since you don’t need a large inventory, the overheads are low, making it easier to enter this industry. Furthermore, once you become a franchise owner for these businesses, they will offer extensive benefits such as CRM support and a localized website for your franchise. 

2. Basement Renovation Business

Basements are prone to water leakage, mold growth, flooding, plumbing issues, and pest attacks, which is why basement renovation businesses are in high demand. This business encompasses various tasks ranging from plumbing and electricity work to flooring and painting.

Hence, there is a lot of potential for growth as you can start your business by offering one specialty and then expand to include others over time. You may have to earn a remodeling certificate and need to buy tools and protective gear, so there are some initial costs involved.

3. Deck Building Business

A deck building business is the perfect business idea for people with a knack for carpentry and construction. Decks are popular home additions that can completely transform any outdoor area but need regular maintenance. Moreover, many features can be included, like areas for sunk-in hot tubs, built-in planters, cast-iron or glass handrails, and custom outdoor furniture to match the deck.

4. Furniture Polishing Business

Anyone looking to improve their home will focus on not only the exterior but also the interior settings. Old furniture has a rustic charm, but with time it can lose its luster and start looking worn out and shabby.

Professional wood polishing can restore the furniture to its original condition and make it look appealing again. To start a furniture polishing business, you will need antique restoring skills and some knowledge of carpentry, after which you are all set to make good money.

5. Lawn Care Business

The curb appeal of a house is very important, especially when the owners are looking to sell. A lawn care business provides the services of cutting grass, trimming hedges, removing debris, and maintaining turf and walkways. If you start a lawn care business, you may have regular clients as these services are needed repeatedly, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

This is a great business idea for people who prefer to spend time outdoors or do not like being cooped up indoors. You will need some start-up funds to buy the necessary equipment. Hence, you’ll need to see if you have enough funds to get this business up and running.

6. Air Duct Cleaning Business

Air ducts need to be cleaned regularly to improve the air quality in the house and protect its inhabitants from allergens and irritants. An air duct cleaning business does not cost much to start. Most of the initial costs go towards buying equipment like a vacuum collection system, cleaning tools, a vacuum with HEPA filtration, an air compressor, and tools to access the duct.

However, before you begin, you should enroll in a relevant course to understand how HVAC units work and how you can provide the necessary maintenance or repair services. Once you have learned the required skills, building your venture into a profitable business will be quite easy.

7. Floor Installation Business

The flooring of a house plays a significant role in creating a lasting impression on anyone who steps inside. A floor installation business provides installation, maintenance, and repair or replacement services. If you decide to enter this business, you can choose to offer various flooring options, including wood, tiles, and linoleum.

Floor installation technicians usually learn the skills needed through apprenticeships or programs sponsored by contractors. Once you have mastered the art of installing floors, you are ready to start your own business.


8. Plumbing Business

Every home, old or new, may require plumbing work sooner or later. This business has a vast scope, from installing an entire plumbing system to repairing existing ones. Of course, you need exceptional plumbing skills or a team with the relevant expertise to start this business.

The initial cost may be high since you might either have to train staff or hire people to ensure your clients are satisfied. However, once you acquire the necessary skills or gather a skilled team, this home improvement business might not see many idle days.


The home improvement market is vast, and there are several options to choose from if you wish to enter this domain. You can start a painting business if you’ve always loved splashing colors over a large canvas (the walls).

If you’re not sure where to start, become the owner of a painting franchise and reap the benefits an established brand has to offer.

However, the ultimate decision depends on your expertise and area of interest. Before starting any business, you must assess your skills, financial situation, and passion. The same applies to any home improvement business. Don’t rush into things and make a wise decision to start a lucrative business this year.


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