Simple Businesses You Can Run From A Storage Unit

by Small Business 05 March 2021

Storage Unit

Times are changing – there is less emphasis than ever on traditional working in office buildings, and even more, people deciding to turn their side hustle into a fully-fledged business.

If this sounds like you, then you might be wondering how you can get your business off the ground in an affordable manner. Luckily, there are a whole host of businesses that you can run from a storage unit. What might they be? We’re glad you asked!


Are you a shutterbug who cannot get enough to snapping everything in sight? Have you been looking to expand your hobby into a real business? Then setting up a shop in a storage unit could be the right call for you. A storage unit only needs some backdrops and lighting to give your space a professional look – and it also works for editing your photographs in a peaceful place.



Writers can write anywhere – but having a dedicated space can make it that much easier. Tired of those distractions from writing at home, in a library, or at your local coffee shop? A storage unit is far more affordable than renting out an office would be, but you get all the same perks. Increase your concentration and give your productivity the kick it needs.


If you are a contractor, you probably have a lot of supplies that it is a struggle to store in your house. Landscaping and other contracting equipment are not cheap to buy and if you need a safer place to keep it than your garage – as well as somewhere more central to the area you’re working in – then a storage unit could be your ideal solution.



If you are a passionate blogger with a platform on YouTube, it can be hard to get the quiet you need to record and edit your videos at home. As a content creator, having a flexible space where you can put up props, record, and even invite other contributors to be part of your channel is an invaluable bonus.



You only have to browse around on Etsy to see the truly amazing amount of creatives who have turned their hands to knitting, sewing, painting, jewelry making, and a whole range of other arts and crafts. If you find your craft business is picking up steam, it might be getting hard to store all the tools of your trade and supplies, as well as your growing stock. You can use a storage unit to craft, package, and store your stock easily – and keep it separate from your home life.

Are you feeling inspired to turn your passion into a business with the help of a fantastic storage unit! Good luck, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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