How to Avoid Common Forklift Problems and Equipment Downtime

by Business Development 01 November 2022

Forklift Problems

Forklifts are an essential part of many businesses.

When they cease to function, the business can grind to a halt. With the right approach, you can avoid many common forklift problems and reduce downtime.

If you keep your forklifts moving, you keep your business moving.

Treat the First Signs of Trouble

The number one mistake people make when maintaining a forklift is not dealing with the first signs of a problem. It is understandable.

Forklifts are hard-working, high-in-demand machines, and downtime costs money. You will spend more money in the long run if you do not get issues looked at when they first appear.

First Signs

The cheapest way to maintain a forklift is to rent it, not buy it. This way, maintenance is down to the rental company, and you can have a replacement on its way at the earliest signs of a problem.

Use a company like this forklift rental in Kansas City to save money on machinery costs and on maintenance, while never losing time or money on broken machinery or downtime for repairs.

Know Your Forklifts Well

Every machine is a little different. They all have their idiosyncrasies and unique features. By knowing your forklifts well, knowing their age, and monitoring their maintenance problems, you can get ahead of issues.

Some may need a repair regularly, say every six months or so. Knowing this means you can schedule the maintenance ahead of time and ensure replacement equipment is in place preventing downtime or a loss of resources.

Forklifts Well

Consider naming or numbering the machines to help you keep track. If they have a regular operator, get to know them a little and ask about their experiences working with the forklift. There may be early warning signs of issues in how the machine behaves or the noises it makes when operating.

Consider Outsourcing Maintenance

Though this can be an expensive option, it does make things a lot easier. If you have a local firm that can service, repair, and maintain your forklifts then you should consider contracting them to outsource your forklift maintenance tasks.

Outsourcing Maintenance

The sole focus of these companies is maintaining forklifts and other heavy machinery. You have a lot more on your plate to deal with. You can save time doing this, and time is money no matter what industry you operate in.

Inform and Involve Operators

Forklift certification involves a lot of work. When getting certified, operators learn about how the machine works and what they can do with them, but not a lot about maintenance or common repairs. Make sure operators know about the inner working and engineering that underpins forklift operations, and how to spot issues.

Inform and Involve Operators

The operators of forklifts know the machines best and spend a lot of time with them. Small changes in how the machine performs can be the sign of a bigger problem that is building inside of it. Educate and inform the forklift operator team and get them involved in the maintenance of their machines.

These simple tips can save you thousands in costly repair bills. Treat problems early and communicate with your team. Forklifts are a vital part of any business, and when they stop, the business will stop. If you keep their wheels turning, your company will keep earning.


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