What Is The Difference Between Portable Storage And Storage Unit?

by Business Published on: 06 June 2022 Last Updated on: 10 September 2022

Portable Storage

Portable storage is just that – all the belongings you have stored in your home or apartment can be neatly boxed up and stored at a place outside of your residence. This offers incredible flexibility as to when you want to move out and store things, as well as how quickly.

What are Storage Units?

Storage Units

The storage unit is the container that houses everything inside. It’s a safe, climate-controlled space where you can store anything from personal items to furniture.

Self storage units usually have varying sizes, with some being able to hold 1 car while others accommodate several rooms’ worth of belongings.

What Are The Benefits Of Storage Units?

One of the major benefits of investing in a self-storage unit is the quickness with which you can downsize. People are often in a rush to move into a smaller, cheaper place, and having everything neatly packed away allows them to get out of their current apartment or house quickly.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Storage Units?

Storage Units Disadvantages

Storage units aren’t an option for everyone. A lot of people rent their home or apartment and don’t want to move everything out; others just want a way to downsize on a budget so they don’t have to pay for additional storage space at their new place.

What is Portable Storage Used For?

Portable storage is fantastic for people who want to downsize and get out of their apartment quickly. While the majority of people do this for financial reasons, a lot of them do it because they’re moving to a new place.

What are the Benefits of Portable Storage?

Portable Storage benefits

The biggest benefit is that you can move into your storage unit as soon as you need to; you don’t have to stay in your apartment until all your stuff is packed up.

This can turn the process into a race against the clock, however; some things – like paintings – aren’t easily transported or stored by themselves.

What are the Disadvantages of Portable Storage?

The biggest disadvantage is the expense. Portable storage units used to be significantly more expensive than storage units, but things have changed in recent years.

Nowadays, both kinds of units are about the same price per month. The main reason one is more expensive than the other is that they’re designed to hold different amounts of belongings.

Buying self-storage units have the advantage that they tend to be larger and hold more things, while a portable storage unit is smaller and holds fewer belongings.

What is the Difference Between Portable Storage And A Storage Unit?

using portable storage

The main difference is that a portable storage unit holds your belongings while a storage unit is a container in which your belongings are stored.

The biggest advantage of using a portable storage unit is that you can do it any time you want; the opposite of using a storage unit, which requires you to move everything out when it’s time to store them.

How Can You Work Out The Best Solution For Your Situation?

First, figure out why you’re thinking about moving. Do you need to get out of your apartment fast and cheaply? Do you want to downsize before moving into a smaller, cheaper place? Are you moving for financial reasons, like a mortgage or credit card debt?

Who Uses Units Often?

Uses Units

Storage units are fairly popular among students who have moved away from home and into a new city or state to further their academic achievements. Why do they need to store away items?

Because students are not yet well-off individuals with a lot of cash backing them up for support and real estate prices can be through the roof. And a small studio apartment can’t really help with keeping all their items inside.

This is why they often choose to store their belongings away in portable or personal storage units. They’re also very popular with families trying to move away from their suburb to a new home somewhere else.

Keeping packed boxes of belongings away for some time until you’re ready to move can save people a lot of hassle and make lives simpler for them!

What Are Some Alternatives To Portable Storage And Storage Units?

If you’re just looking for a short-term solution to downsize, consider going on Craigslist and renting out your apartment while you move.

There are plenty of people out there who would love to stay in your place while they’re waiting for their new home. Make sure these people want to move away eventually if you’re not looking to rent out your place long-term. Good communication can usually solve a lot of unnecessary trouble.


Both portable storage and storage units are affordable, flexible options for people looking to downsize. Portable storage is more expensive but lets you move directly into your new place with most of your belongings already packed up; while a storage unit offers cheaper prices but takes longer to move into.

Portable storage is great for people who want to downsize quickly and efficiently, while a storage unit is better suited for people who can’t afford the time or money it takes to pack everything up and take it all away right away.

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