7 Apps To Improve Your PR Productivity

by Business Development 21 November 2022

PR Productivity

Like all industries, PR now uses a lot of apps and tools to be more efficient and innovative.

There are almost too many from which to choose, but luckily, after sifting through various options, we have found our top seven apps for PR managers and publicists.

Check out below the top PR Productivity Apps you need to implement right now:)

Top 7 PR Productivity Improvement Apps

1. Dropbox And Google Drive



Dropbox’s cloud storage application is explicitly designed to cater to the transfer of heavy data, which is otherwise difficult to send and receive.

For example, images and videos are a necessary component for PR; hence this is a crucial PR app that is structured so businesses can easily share their content in just a click. Also, this app comes with an automatic backup. In this manner, storing old but relevant and essential data is accessible.

Similarly, there is another app known as Google Drive. Google Drive and Dropbox have similar features. However, Google Drive requires a Gmail account and Dropbox can be created through any account.

Why Is This App Good For PR?

These applications help to enhance PR productivity as it takes less time to manage data. Moreover, as several people can work together, they provide collaboration and coordination plus saves time. They also keep the quality of video and images high without affecting uploading. This is crucial for PR, as publicists need high-quality photos and videos to spread their word. 

2. PRWeb and Cision

PRWeb and Cision


PRWeb by Cision helps spread your press release and content to your target audience and allows you to analyze their reach as well as performance through Google Analytics.

First, you can create exciting and compelling content, and then with just one click, you share the story with your target audience and target online media and journalists. Once the story has been transferred and viewed by your audience, you can review the ROI through analytics and analyze results.

Individually, Cision itself is a beneficial tool. You can search for relevant journalists and online media contacts through its massive database. You get to see different editorial calendars and then contact the appropriate media to create content according to their schedule. This helps you plan ahead and reach the targeted audience in a timely manner.

Why Is This App Good For PR??

This app saves time in searching for the target audience and media outlets. With its vast database and editorial calendars, you can plan your stories and content accordingly. When publicists pitch according to the outlet’s requirements, there is a high chance your story will get mentioned in the published media. 

3. Zoom



Zoom is one of the best and most widely used PR apps with many advanced features that provide ease and add value to clients. It provides a platform to start meetings where you can interact with your client.

Additionally, you have the option of recording, so meetings can be saved for future use and shared with those who were unavailable during the session. You can also set up a general room for clients to join in, and you don’t need to spend extra time creating meeting joining links.

Why Is This App Good For PR??

This app helps you communicate with your client more efficiently. You can schedule discovery calls and ongoing meetings with your client with just one click link and discussions with your team in real-time wherever they are in the world.

4. Buffer



As we all know, time is money. Using this application is the best way to save time. The features incorporated into the design tell the firm the right time to post.

As the name of this application suggests, it buffers the boundary which once existed between the service provider and the service receiver. So instead of you posting on social media manually, you can schedule posts at optimal times, and it publishes at that time for you.

Why Is This App Good For PR??

Content management becomes easy for those who use this app as it posts on social media automatically at your specified time and date. You can schedule up to months of posts in one go, and then you can move on to other important tasks.

5. Muck Rack

Muck Rack


This application is another platform like Cision, which helps firms build successful PR campaigns. It is a good source of online media databases, media monitoring, and analytics. Furthermore, you can pitch your story to your targeted media in just one click. 

Why Is This App Good For PR??

It is a reliable application and saves you time searching for your targeted audience and media. You can pitch to many people in just one click. On the other hand, journalists can also use it to showcase their work and articles. So it bridges the gap between a publicist and a journalist.  

6. Releasd



Brands need to see the ROI of the investments they have made. When investing in a good PR firm, you need to review what results in they have produced, and Released is one tool that PR agencies can use to do that more easily.

Brands can view the performance of their campaigns through this platform. It is designed explicitly for PR and, thus, is terrific to work with. It shows the PR activities done for the brand in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.

PR firms can create customized reports for all their clients as well. In addition to providing statistics on the performance of each overall campaign, you can see how the online media responded to a specific post as well.

Why Is This App Good For PR??

By providing brands the proof of their ROI, you can prove that the campaigns you designed worked well and helped the brand grow. If you do this manually, it will take a lot of time. Released, on the other hand, calculates web metrics automatically when you put in the required information. Thus saving you time and still creating eye-catching reports for your clients.

7. BuzzSumo



This app has the following main features:

  • It helps explore what content is suitable and what kind of content will be appreciated by the brand’s customers.
  • Focuses on enhancing marketing strategies such as pricing and promotion strategies.
  • I am finding impactful and relevant people to promote a brand to gain consumer attention.

Why Is This App Good For PR??

It is perfect for providing content strategies and helps in SEO campaigns. Publicists can analyze which content worked and which didn’t. You can search any topic or term and get the help of BuzzSumo to see what content works well in the digital world and then create campaigns for your client’s brand accordingly.  And by targeting the right mix, a brand can attract a huge market and later get engaged with them easily too.

Improving PR Productivity Through Apps

All the apps mentioned above have free trials, and some provide limited features free of cost. For example, Zoom offers free calls for up to 40 mins; Buffer provides up to three accounts and ten posts to be scheduled free of charge.

We usually link productivity and efficiency with a cost which is undoubtedly correct, but we often ignore that time and effort are also non-monetary costs.

These apps reduce this cost too. We can use any of the apps mentioned above to develop better public relations, ultimately leading to improved productivity and more marketing for the brand. 


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