4 Reasons You Should Switch Water Suppliers (2022)

by Business Development Published on: 29 October 2022 Last Updated on: 11 March 2023

Water Suppliers

Shopping around for business water suppliers and retailers is now a must in 2022 for UK businesses. Staying with your original supplier may be a mistake that costs you money out of your pocket every month.

With the privatization of the business water market, more retailers and suppliers are now filling the business water market. This is great for businesses everywhere, as it allows for more choice in whom to go with.

Here Are The Four Prime Reasons You Should Switch Water Suppliers

In this article, we’ll cover four reasons you should switch water suppliers for your business or businesses within the UK.

1. Receive A Better Fixed Charge

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This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to save money, and everyone includes business owners. With particularly rough financial times as of late, saving money anywhere you can help to increase profit margins or offer a safety net of savings for when they are most needed.

Note: a fixed charge can also be known as a standard charge.

Water suppliers and retailers can offer fixed charges based on various factors. The main factor is the rateable value of your property.

Switching to another supplier can offer you a decreased fixed or standing charge. At first glance, the difference of a few pence or decimal points for a standing or fixed charge may not seem like a lot, but in the long run, it’ll add up.

2. Lack Of Control

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It isn’t uncommon for you as a customer to feel a lack of control regarding your water bill. Many water companies and retailers don’t have the infrastructure to cater to their customers as their customers like efficiently.

Just look at the dire rating many water suppliers or retailers have on websites such as Trustpilot.

At the core of this issue is poor customer service. Maybe they have a customer service team, but they are hard to reach. Or maybe when you reach their team, the service advisor you are talking to can’t help you and needs to transfer you – only for this to be a cycle that lasts the best part of an hour.

Poor customer service is a sign that your company doesn’t value your business, so why stay with them? Switching to receive better customer service is as valid a reason as any.

Certain water retailers and suppliers have built online portals for their customers, allowing them far greater control over their water bills. These portals allow for easy access to statements, bills, water-saving advice, and more – all with simple self-service at their core.

Choose a supplier that offers too much rather than too little in the way of customer resources.

3. You Want A Simple And Straightforward Bill

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Water utility bills can be rather complex to get a grip on and understand even more so if you run several establishments and have several bills to inspect every month.

Keeping your billing simple is a great way to ascertain how much you are paying and why you are paying that amount. Overly complex bills are a great way for shady water retailers to hide fees or inflate costs to gain a higher profit margin.

If the billing model your supplier uses – or the utility bill itself – is too complex and not clear enough, this is a sign to consider switching.

Your first action should be to ask them questions about the bill. Have them break it down, so you know where your money is going. If they cannot break it down to your satisfaction, or you find that particular costs are abnormally high – this is usually a sign of hidden fees or inflated prices.

There will be many hidden fees or inflated charges in the standing charge, admin fees, or service costs. Asking for a detailed breakdown of why it costs that much is well within your rights as a paying customer.

It is also worth considering having a consolidated bill for all your establishments. Enquire if your supplier offers this service; if not, this is another reason to consider switching.

4. Free Up c

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Nobody wants to waste the limited time we have every day. If you run multiple establishments or are constantly feeling a need to scrutinize every water bill that comes through your door, this isn’t ideal.

It also isn’t ideal if the process of switching feels like it’s going to impact the operation of your business.

Choosing a supplier that knows and recognizes this is a huge green flag. Letting your new supplier handle everything is the way to go and allows you the time to run your business (and focus on what matters the most).


If your water bill is rising or you are paying too much, it is time to consider switching. Always consider a range of factors before making a switch, and be sure to switch to a company that’ll offer you a better service coupled with a better deal. Trustpilot is a great way to ascertain this!

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