Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

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is basic industries a good career path

To make a career in basic industries, job seekers have always asked, “is basic industries a good career path.” See, to decide whether a field is good or not for a career, you need to go inside unless it will be difficult to present an opinion. 

After completing university or college, we all think about the best career path. Making a decision about a career field is quite not an easy job. Your future depends on one decision. Do you think so? 

Well, not only you. We all think about it from this perspective. This is the reason I am here to find out the answer to “is basic industries a good career path”. 

So, keep on reading till the endpoint of this article; it’ll help you to choose the right career path. 

What Are Basic Industries?

What Are Basic Industries? 

“is basic industries a good career path” —- to know the answer to this, you must understand what basic industries are. Basic industries are those that produce raw materials and deliver them to the other industries that use them to manufacture the product to sell in the market. After all, these industries play an important part in the country’s development. 

Every country has these industries to execute natural products, process raw materials, and develop. However, these industries related to mining non-metallic minerals, such as marble, granite, diamond, gold, and granite, also fall under this umbrella. 

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path? 

If you ask me is basic industries a good career path, I would like to answer that basic industries are good for a career path. Many industries depend on these industries because basic industries produce raw materials and deliver them to manufacturing industries. 

In this case, this career path has a good salary, future benefits, and the opportunity to make your career in the growing economy. You can include effort for a better future in the world. 

Many of us are worried about job security. However, the security of working in basic industries is one of the best parts of increasing its high demand in the career field. 

As I said previously, solid industries are the building blocks of any economy. This is the reason every government of the country invests money in these industries. Manufacturing, agriculture, and construction are the responsibility of the solid industries. 

The report of the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics presents that the overall placement in some sectors of solid industries is growing. For example, mining will grow 12% from the year 2021 to 2031. 

On the other part of basic industries, the agriculture sector will slightly go ahead to reach more than 2.2 million jobs. So it can be said there are many opportunities you’ll get to pursue your career in this field. 

Types Of Basic Industries

After knowing the types of basic industries, you never need to ask– is basic industries a good career path? It is a diverse industry where you’ll get different options to make your career successful. So, let us explore every site. 

1. Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

One of the important industries in every country. This is because of the number of people it affects indirectly or directly. However, agriculture is the dominant industry in underdeveloped and developing countries. 

After all, agriculture is the primary source of all raw materials and the national food supply. However, there are close relations between agriculture and the economic status of a country. 

Every nation is doing agriculture export and import business. The job opportunities that you will get in the agricultural industry are.

  • Plant and Soil Scientist
  • Animal Scientist
  • Food Scientist
  • Agronomist
  • Commercial Horticulturist
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural Production Worker

2. Oil And Gas Industry

Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is the most profitable industry globally. Every country has an individual oil and gas industry. On this note, the Saudi Arabian oil company is the number one oil industry in the world. 

It contains three main segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. And these three segments work differently, but they depend on each other. 

Upstream companies only focus on discovering the places of oil and gas and mining the oil and gas. And midstream firms focus on oil or gas “transportation, processing, and storage”. 

The third one is downstream. It involves the businesses constituting refineries that remove impurities. In the end, the oil and gas industry converted the oil into products for general use, such as diesel and patrol.

The job opportunities that you are gonna get in this basic industry field are.

  • Geo-Scientist
  • Oil Field Worker
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Mudlogger
  • Hydrographic Surveyor
  • Energy Engineer
  • Offshore/Oil Rig Worker
  • Engineering or Petroleum Geologist
  • Geological Engineer

3. Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Minerals are a significant part of major industries. Mining is an important activity carried all over the world. There are two big parts to the mining industry. 

The first is the exploration of the mining area and the feasibility of the stage where mineral elements are located. 

And the next step is the construction and planning stage. In this stage, minerals are mined and refined. These resources are the main assets in the mining industry. 

4. Paper And Pulp Industry

Paper And Pulp Industry

The pulp and paper industry is a growing industry. Pulp is used in the textile industry. You may know, after globalization, the textile industry has grown. Additionally, several firms are included in the paper and pulp industry. 

For example, produce hygiene products, packaging, and tissues. However, this industry manufactures graphic paper, which is used in newsprint.

The job opportunities that you will get in the paper and pulp industry are.

  • Pulp Tester
  • Woodworker (trade career)
  • Sawyer
  • Stock Preparation Operator
  • Pipe Fitter (trade career)
  • Pulp/Paper Mill Operator
  • Millwright (trade career)
  • Mechanical Engineers

5. Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Undoubtedly, steel is one of the most developed industries globally. The steel industry plays a vital part in the progress of the economy of the world. Steel plays a pivotal part in the construction of bridges, vehicles, ports, buildings, towers, and so on. 

This industry is the alloy of C (carbon) and iron. These two elements are taken from the basic industries. However, steel is one of the raw materials for various industries like pipelines, beams, railroad rails, steel furniture, and many more. Those who are working in this field never ask, “Is basic industries a good career path.” 

The multiple job opportunities that you are gonna get in the steel industry are as follows.

  • Welder (trade career)
  • Sheet Metal Worker (trade career)
  • Tool and Die Technician (trade career)
  • Metal Fabricator (trade career)
  • Pipe lifter (trade career)
  • Machinist (trade career)
  • Assemblers (trade career)
  • Iron Workers (trade career)
  • Field Installers (trade career)

6. Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is the transformation of raw elements into chemicals and gas. These chemicals are used in many other sectors.

It can be classified into two categories— specialty chemicals and consumer chemicals.

  • Specialty Chemicals – These chemicals are used in the production of wall paint, printer ink, and shoe color. These chemicals involve a high degree of research and development.
  •  Consumer Chemicals – These types of chemicals are used in everyday life. For example, soaps, bleaching powder, and detergent.

A few of the job opportunities that you will get in this basic industries field are.

  • Plant Operator
  • Product or Process Development Scientist
  • Scent Scientist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Flavor Chemist
  • Energy Engineer
  • Chemist
  • Color Technologist
  • Material Scientist
  • Biotechnologist

What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field?

What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field? 

Basic industries companies produce products and services important to deliver in society. These companies produce clothes, buildings, food, medicines, and other goods. 

Some of the major basic industries companies are Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, and ExxonMobil. These companies play significant roles in this respective market. The best thing is they provide a million placements around the world as well as produce necessary products. 

Career And Salaries In Basic Industries

A high salary with fewer education requirements is an opportunity for job seekers to enter this field. So now you may raise your question: is basic industries a good career path? 

Well, we know that fewer education qualifications can not crack any high-salary jobs. Yes, you are true. But, this industry can provide the job with less education because people don’t want to work in this field. 

The petroleum industry is a growing part of the basic industries. There are multiple opportunities available for nearly every skill level across numerous fields. The next upcoming years are the best time when workers are looking to enter a solid industry.

Eligibility To Enter In This Field

Basic industries requires a high school diploma instead of a high multiple degree. Those who have the right mindset are lucky to be involved in this sector to make a career.

Most of the job profiles provide on job training, isn’t that cool? They train you as well as give you a salary. Compare it with a degree course in college, where students need to pay to learn, and they won’t get the practical skills needed.

After completing a degree course in college, you enter the basic industries, your salary will skyrocket.

Note: well, every department of the basic industries requires different skills and qualifications. It depends on you and your choice of career path. Before joining this field, make sure you’ll go through every detail. 

The Future Of Basic Industries

If you want to work long term, you must know every inch of the basic industries. See, this industry is highly associated with the Government. Day by day, government regulations and rules are getting tighter.

Some companies hire employees on a contractual basis. There is a reason, this industry is dependent on market value and the global economy. If it drastically changes, the copies can’t afford to hire huge employees. That’s why it’s important to know everything before joining any company in the basic industries.

On this note, when your question – “is basic industries a good career path” I would say, you can go for a petroleum company because you’ll learn a lot of things that can be applied in other fields. If you leave the petroleum field, you can easily get a job in another engineering field.

Some Side Of Basic Industries To Avoid

Some Side Of Basic Industries To Avoid

Not all industries can make a successful career for you. This is the reason I have mentioned a few parts that you need to avoid. 

  1. Coal Mining
  2. Oil Drilling
  3. Meat Farming

These three areas are not good for a long-term career path in basic industries. 

Immortal Basic Industries

Immortal Basic Industries

is basic industries a good career path— yes, you can make your career in this field. Some of them are –

  1. Agriculture
  2. Clothing materials
  3. Wood farming
  4. Precious metals mining
  5. Oil and gas industry
  6. Petroleum industry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You have reached almost the end of this article. Now, you get the answer to this question “is basic industries a good career path”. Still, you must take a look below to see what are the common questions that people are frequently asked regarding this matter. 

Q1. What Is An Example Of A Non-Basic Industry?

Ans: The non-basic industry is the type of service company or consulting company. This type of company does not produce products from nature. For example, service companies and consulting companies.

Q2. What Are The Job Opportunities In The Basic Industries?

Ans: There are lucrative job placements where you can make your career successful. For example, oil field workers, geoscientists, petroleum, and miners.

Q3. What Is The Best Industry To Work In Right Now?

Ans: Here are some industries to work.
1. Health care.
2. Retail.
3. Advertising and marketing.
4. Online marketing. 
5. Arts and entertainment. 

Q4. Why Is It Called A Basic Industry?

Ans: Why it is called basic industries is because any industry depends on this industry. Basic industries produce raw materials and deliver them to other industries. For example, oil, petrol, coal, and steel.

Wrapping It Up!

“is basic industries a good career path”— What do you think? At the end of this article, you have the knowledge that basic industries play a significant role in the making of a growing economy and the future of the world. 

Let me know what you think about this field. Please share your opinion if you are already on it. I will be there; feel free to ask anything about this matter in the comment section.

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