How To Set Up An Interior Design Business

by Business Development 22 March 2018

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If you have the skills and the know-how when it comes to interior design, it can be tempting to think that setting up a business in that sector would be the perfect job for you. It won’t be perfect if you rush into it, however; starting an interior design business can be hard, and there is a lot of competition out there. If it is what you truly want to do and you’re confident that you can make it a success, here are some ways to make it happen.

Get A Website :

Every business needs a website, but when it comes to something like interior design, that website is even more essential. You need to be able to show clients how forward-thinking you are, and how much work you put into your designs. If you can’t easily and quickly show them those designs, they won’t know whether to hire you or not.

Investing heavily in a website may not sound like something that a start-up business should be doing, and in many cases a simple website will be absolutely fine, but it’s different for an interior designer (or any kind of artist, designer, or photographer who needs an online portfolio as well as a website) and the money should certainly be spent in this department.

Hire A Great Photographer :

If your designs are stunning, but you take images of them yourself on a cheap camera or even a smartphone, you’re not showing them off to their best, and it won’t bring in the clients in the numbers that you need to be successful. It’s far better to partner with a professional photographer whom you can call on when you need someone to take pictures of your latest design.

These images are what is going to sell your services to other clients, so they need to be the best they can possibly be. You will want to put them on your website and in your portfolio or brochure. You may even need them for magazines. A good photographer will be able to light the room and use the best angles to make the most of what you have done.

Get A Good Accountant :

Hiring an accountant who is an expert in interior design accounting is a great idea. It’s good to be working with someone who knows your sector well and who has other clients working in the same arena; they will know how to save you money and be able to give you advice on the best ways to manage your business finances. Trying to do your accounts yourself can be a stressful, time-consuming job that is far better passed over to an expert who is unlikely to make any mistakes.

Market To The Right People :

In order to find clients that you are happy to work with and that will want your particular design aesthetic in your home, you need to know who your target market is and then advertise with them in mind. If you simply try to advertise to everyone you will more than likely end up missing the mark when it comes to the people you really want to impress. Taking the time to work out what kind of designer you are and who would want your designs will wave you money and time in the long term.

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