How to Do Effective Lead Capturing?

by Sales & Marketing Published on: 22 January 2022 Last Updated on: 19 February 2022

Lead Capturing

For businesses, it’s not only about getting traffic to websites. Success is determined when the traffic converts to leads and then to buying customers. Leading capturing is critical in the steps characterizing customers’ life cycle from the first visit to purchase.

Lead capturing is the process of leveraging contact collection tools to convert visitors into leads. Unfortunately, as simple as the process sounds, not many marketers do lead capture effectively. Hence, this brief article needs to explore vital hacks to effective lead capturing.


Lead Capturing

Several methods to lead capturing exists, which we divide into two main classes. As a business owner or marketer, you don’t need to execute both approaches and subcategories. Instead, finding the one that works best for your business or industry is the best practice. Any of these two main lead capture approaches will set your business on a growth course.

1. How to Build an Effective Lead Capture Page?

Lead capture pages are landing pages where your business offers visitors incentives to get their contact information. Lead capture pages feature fields of data prompts for the visitor to fill in. The forms visitors fill out are called lead capture forms.

Many businesses and marketers still use in-page lead capture forms. The forms are still effective, but visitors are protective of their data. The catch-22-situation also influences the success of lead capture forms. Catch-22-situation states that the fewer the form fields, the better the conversion.

Hence, rather than use a one-page form setup, multistep forms are better. Multistep forms are long forms broken into different views, like Typeform. This is an enhanced lead generation technique because visitors don’t see it as a long list of fields to fill. The initial form-filling fatigue is removed.

The interaction of multiple pages makes it less overwhelming for the visitors.

2. How to Capture Leads on Your Website?

Lead capture pages and forms are the best lead capturing infrastructures. However, you can leverage your website too. Here are the different ways you can leverage your website for lead capturing.

  • Popups: popups interrupt visitors when they are deep into consuming your website’s content. With perfect timing, popups can help convert visitors to leads.
  • Click popups: These are commonly used for eCommerce sites. Visitor clicks on them, subsequently leading to a landing page.
  • Chatbots: These are chats with automated responses, simulating human conversations. When they help visitors, they are effective in lead generation.
  • Quiz, Calculators, and Surveys: You can ride on visitors’ interests with quizzes. You can offer value with calculators. Also, people like to help; hence, surveys can be effective.
  • Demos and Free Trial Offerings: This is a common trend, which remains effective. You give value by offering visitors demos or free trials of a product. Providing value to visitors most times earns you their contact.


Lead Capturing

The psychology of lead capturing remains the same across different approaches and methods. Hence, effectiveness is assured when you optimize the underlying lead capture psychology.

1. Gamification

Gamification has become a buzzword but remains influential. Irrespective of your lead capture approach, ensure that the experience is interactive. The more interesting your process is to visitors, the better. When done right, you take visitors into a state of timelessness – they enjoy it so much they lose track of time.

2. A/B Testing

A/B testing is also called split testing and is used in every aspect of marketing. It involves publishing two versions of one content to know which works better. Performance is tracked, analyzed, and used for optimization.

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