Can Digital PR Help Increase The Sales Of A Business Organization?

by Sales & Marketing 09 April 2021

Digital PR Help Increase The Sales Of A Business Organization

Let us start by getting the basics right. Digital Public Relations is a great way that can help a brand-

  • Improve its reputation
  • Spread brand awareness
  • Create everlasting relationships

You might say that we already know about these things. So, what is new?

According to a leading digital pr firm, what most businesses miss is the fact that this can help in adding to sales and generating sales. Yes, you read that right.

If done in the right fashion with the proper strategies in place, digital pr can be a highly effective medium for calculating real financial ROIs for a business.

If you are looking for that little extra information to start investing in digital pr, stick around till the end of the article. If you are a business owner or know someone that is looking to pursue and invest in new digital strategies, maybe you can share this resource with them.

Digital PR: Distributing Resources and Reviews on High Traffic Platforms:

If you are unaware, a major part of Digital PR is creating high-quality content and disseminating the same on great authority platforms.

The key here is that the content needs to be moving and convincing enough to force audiences to click on the link and come to the brand page. This is something that leading brands do.

Every time you read a great review on a third-party auto/motoring platform, you click on the link and go to the brand website to register your interest. If the sales team can pull it off, you get a sale!

This is a simple, effective, and direct way of creating the right sales funnel. All you need is-

  • A well-written, conceptualized, and comprehensive piece of content.
  • Publishing the same on a High-Authority platform with targeted traffic.
  • Optimized and performance-oriented Landing Page to meet the customer.
  • Motivated and skilled Sales Team to close the conversion.

As you can see from the example above, Digital PR can contribute to sales, if the processes are structured accordingly.

Digital PR and Social Media: Can it Drive Sales for a Business?

Many businesses are doing social media without any pattern, structure, or strategy. They feel that is a necessary part of digital hygiene and hence has to be done.

However, the best digital pr firms think, a proper strategy on social media that integrates well with PR can help directly boost sales figures.

Let me break it down for you. Social Media as we already know can be a great way of reaching target audiences and redirecting them to a brand’s website or E-commerce. However, this should not end there.

Let us try to draw a scenario-

  • You want targeted traffic to move from your social to your E-commerce and make a purchase.
  • Why not use a well-published Digital PR Piece that has been published on an authority site and carries a positive vote for the brand and the product?
  • What you are essentially trying to do is reinforce the customer’s decision on social media by showcasing how experts and authority figures are vouching for the brand.
  • The audiences will see the publication, read the reviews, and feel confident about clicking on the link and going to the E-commerce page.
  • The result- if your E-commerce page is good enough, you will get a sale!

In the above manner, a well-designed Digital PR strategy can play a major role in aligning social media to improve sales and revenues for a brand. This is something that almost all the successful brands on social media are doing- reinforcing purchase decisions.

The Bottom Line:

No doubt working with the best digital pr firm can make a lot of difference. In addition to awareness, reputation, and relationships, Digital PR can also help in generating active sales. Whichever way you want to look at it, Digital PR can be both a direct and an indirect strategy to encourage sales and revenues at a business organization.

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