5 Practical Ways Sales Route Planner Can Benefit a Sales Team

by Sales & Marketing Published on: 03 November 2021 Last Updated on: 04 April 2022

Sales Route Planner

Sales are considered the bread and butter of any business operation. Without sales, you’d have no business. As such, it only makes sense to make the most of the sales teams’ efforts. Luckily, that’s possible with sales route planning, an increasingly common and essential tool for a sales organization.

A sales route planner can help your sales team and managers understand potentials and customers in a specific area.  Sales route planning helps your salespeople and managers to better understand a specific area’s potentials and customers in great depth if done right. Below is a rundown of ways sales route planning could benefit the entire sales team and how to go about it correctly.

1. Increase collaboration

1. Increase collaboration

For a sales team whose team is remotely located, effective collaboration is highly necessary. Today’s sales planning makes it simple for team members to work on their territories’ definitions in real-time. That’s especially true even when other teams are in the field while some are in the office at a given period.

2. Save a huge amount of time

Another common reason to use a sales route planner in your organization is that the sales team can turn their business into useful maps. They could also access those maps anytime and anywhere on any internet-connected device. Digital routing programs, like Route4Me route optimization software, allow users to efficiently plan out their sales route, saving time and energy in the process.

Your sales employees’ workloads will significantly decline if you actively work on your sales route design will the help of efficient planning or mapping.

3. Assign work more effectively

Sales route planning allows team members to see the sales territories they are accountable for, and so can their managers. That makes the assignment of work to sales team members smooth and easy.

For instance, sales reps might see their territories in a specific city or suburb. Your regional sales manager may then have a higher-level view and see all salespeoples’ territories in the city. On the other hand, the national sales manager may see all territories throughout the nation and ensure that work is assigned properly.

4. Increase sales

Making the most of how much time your sales team spends selling on the ground is the main goal of your company. That is why sales route planning is so efficient. It helps you balance the workloads of your sales personnel and helps to offer them more earning potential. The outcome is productive and satisfied employees who are known for their high morale.

The happier your salespeople are, the more motivated they’ll be to continue selling for your company. In turn, that results in a positive cycle of more career and sales satisfaction for your sales team. Allowing salespeople to sell more efficiently and earn more commissions will then result in lower staff turnover on your part.

5. Measure performance

5. Measure performance

A selection of analytical tools can be used when data related to sales territories are visualized with sales route planner software. Routing planning enables the aggregation of plotted data to present a consolidated look at performance. You can also import the data from a spreadsheet, segment and filter them, and isolate sales of above or below a specific value.

A sales route planner is a unique tool that lets you see nearby data in list form through radial search. You can also pull up data using personalized pin options and create better and more efficient sales routes.

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