5 Marketing Ideas For Law Firms That Will Bring In More Clients

by Marketing Published on: 12 May 2018 Last Updated on: 18 September 2018

Marketing Ideas

With the average small business or firm spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, every company out there is looking for a high return on investment. In the arms race of marketing for law firms, you need to have an edge on the competition. With a combined digital and in-person presence, you can be everywhere your clients are.

While every law firm would like to take over the market and serve any client who needs you, every firm has a niche. Once you understand your niche, you can figure out where your clients are. If you have an older clientele, you’ll need some physical presence to match your digital presence whereas a younger clientele could require lots of digital media.

If you want to figure out how to market your law firm, follow these 5 tips.

1. Start A Blog :

When people are using a search engine, they’re mostly looking for one of two things. They’re either looking for a very specific product or service or they’re looking for an answer to a question. When you start your own blog, you can answer common questions that clients come to you with and then offer your services as a way to help.

Blogging is huge for getting traffic to your website. It’s a great way to take up space on search engines and rank highly. When you use keywords that point to your area and mention the services you offer, you’ll be optimized to be shown to people in your area.

Search engines know that when people search “pizza”, they want to know where the nearest pizza is to their location. The same thing applies when they’re looking for law services. Use local terms as often as possible without getting spammy.

2. Social Media Matters :

Your social media presence is essential to getting the word out. Nearly 75% of potential clients report being influenced to purchase something if they heard about it on social media. Your law firm needs to have a strong social media presence.

Being on social media also allows you to stay in touch with what’s going on locally. If there was recently a big event that damaged a lot of property, you might find out people want to file lawsuits. You can write a post catered to capturing the attention of those affected.

If there was an outbreak of an illness due to food service negligence, you can make your voice heard as an advocate for the people who suffered this issue.

Being on social media keeps you connected to what’s going on in your community and will give you ideas on how to market a law firm.

3. Go To Events :

One of the most overlooked things that law firms forget when they’re marketing is to get out to events. Just about every community has street fairs and festivals of some kind. That’s a great way to meet with people in your region and find out what they need from your law firm.

You can set up 5-minute law clinics, offer free 5 minute consultations, or just hang out and give away popcorn. Make sure people have a reason to come to your table. Tasty smelling food or a really good piece of swag with your law firm’s name on it is a way to go.

When you meet with the public at an event or an exhibition, be yourself.

You should always have a professional presentation but you shouldn’t feel like you have to be performing or playing an inauthentic role. People have an inherent distrust of lawyers and can see through a fake attitude pretty quickly. That’s all the more reason to present yourself in an authentic way.

To see how you could present yourself to the public, read more here.

4. Link Up with Local Businesses :

Finding other local businesses to connect with can build the profile of your law firm. When businesses work together to build a coalition, they can get helpful legislation passed or have local initiatives moved on.

You can meet local businesses to work on a non-profit outreach project. When you do good work in your community, you get the chance to market your firm as a positive force for good in the local region.

You might not even have to brag about this side of your work. People will see you out by the side of the road picking up trash or organizing a soccer league on the weekend and ask how they can help out.

When you work within your community, you can build support for your business that helps sustain you for the long term.

Do this online as well. Write guest posts on blogs for local businesses and ask them to write for yours. Connect with them on social media and share the clever things that they post.

Likely they’ll return the favor when they see you posting something that could be useful to their clientele.

5. Sponsor A-Team :

One of the best ways to get people out in the streets talking about your law firm is to put your name in their faces. The best way to do that is to put your name on their chest or on their back.

When you sponsor local sports teams, you get to add your logo to their jerseys in exchange for helping to cover the cost of them. Look into sponsoring everything from little league to adult softball or even a cycling team.

The more times you can get your law firm’s name on an article of clothing, the more chances people will have to be reminded of your presence in the community.

Marketing Ideas For Law Firms Need To Be Clever :

While there are some tried and true methods for getting people engaged with your firm, most marketing ideas for law firms will need to outfox the other firms. Once you find your niche, do lots of research to connect directly with them and speak their language.

If your business is expanding into new territory, follow our guide for successful growth.

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