Design Tips for Independent Store Owners

by Business Intelligence Published on: 01 March 2021 Last Updated on: 02 March 2021

Design Tips

Opening a new store as an independent business owner is an incredibly exciting step, particularly if, up until now, you have only been operating as an online retailer. Being able to physically walk into a building and see your products lining all the shelves and your branding dotted around the place is a very satisfying feeling and a sign that all of your hard work is paying off. If you’re about to sign a lease agreement on a new retail unit for your business, here are a few design tips to help you make your store stand out from the rest.

Color Scheme:

Your color scheme should fit in with your business brand, but you also want to make sure that your store looks inviting to shoppers as they pass by. Try to avoid décor that feels too clinical, like all white or dull grays. It’s OK to go for a minimalist look but try to introduce a splash of color somewhere to make your store feel warm and welcoming. However, before you start decorating, make sure you have double-checked your lease agreement so you don’t make any alterations your landlord will be unhappy with.

Make It Spacious:

Make It Spacious:

Have you ever walked into a store and been worried that you’re going to knock something off the shelves because everything is so tightly packed together? You don’t want to risk your products getting damaged as a business owner, but more importantly, you don’t want your customers to feel claustrophobic when they visit your store. Make sure you take note of how much space you have and strategically set up your displays, aisles, clothing racks, shelves, etc., so that they’re all easy to get to, but there is enough space for shoppers to browse without feeling trapped or like your store is cluttered.

Easy Access:

It’s also important to make sure that your store is accessible to all customers. For shoppers who might need a wheelchair or other mobility support, you will need to make sure that they can access your store from the street. If there is a slight step up into your store, look at having a removable wheelchair ramp made so customers can use this if they need to. Automated doors like the Autoslide from might also be something you want to consider, but you might have to discuss this with the owner of your retail unit as this might require structural changes to the property.



It’s important to make sure that your shop floor has a great design so that your customers have the best shopping experience, but don’t forget to manage your storage space properly. Ensure this area is designed to make the organization as easy as possible and make sure your staff is safe when searching for stock.

Staff Room:


Finally, even if the retail unit you’re renting isn’t huge, try your best to have a dedicated area where your staff can sit on their breaks and enjoy a cup of coffee or something to eat. Make it comfortable by putting in a couch, lockers for each staff member’s belongings, and a mini-fridge where they can keep their lunches.

Opening a new store is very exciting, but you need to make sure the final design is appealing to customers and makes managing your store easier. Use these tips to help you get started with your store’s design plans.

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