Avoid Making These 5 Common Mistakes with Signage Branding

by Business Intelligence 19 February 2021

Signage Branding

Business signs are important branding tools. The majority of customers prefer buying products or services from companies that market themselves with an attractive logo and sign. However, creating a sign that relates to your business and attracts the target consumer is not as easy as it looks. Company logos or sign faces are the first impressions of a business. Unfortunately, not every business creates an effective and marketable sign. There are certain mistakes you should avoid while creating a successful business sign. Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid when working on your signage branding.

1. Poorly Worded Sign

If a customer looks at your business sign and cannot tell what your business is about, then the sign is most likely poorly worded. Before designing and installing your business sign, you should gather as much information as possible and nail down your business concept. You will need to have a complete grasp of your business concept before you can develop a sign that accurately describes your business.  

2. Using the Wrong Color Contrast

Having the right colors on your business sign is super important. Using the wrong color tone or color contrast can cause your conversion rate to fall. You must do your research to determine the color contrasts that suit your business model the best. For example, restaurants and fast food joints often use a red tone against a blue one. The color red often signifies hunger, and the color blue implies calm or relaxation.

3. Adding Too Much to Your Sign

The phrase “less is more” is a cliché for a reason. Having too many words or an over-complicated design can muddle your sign’s message. Remember, your sign should tell a succinct and straightforward story. Always use text and pictures that describe your business. Unimportant information and art are only going to increase the cost of your sign and reduce its desired impact.

4. Selecting the Wrong Font

One of the biggest errors when designing a sign is choosing the wrong font and making a spacing error. It is super important to use a font that is simple and easily readable. Similarly, it is super important to measure the length of your sign and place the fonts accordingly. Congested text is always confusing and could turn customers away from your business.

5. Having Typo Errors

Mistakes can cause people to form a bad impression of your business. If you have an excellent design, used proper material, and chose the right colors but have a typo error, then your customer will only remember the one mistake you made. Always read your sign before sending it over to a sign company for manufacturing.

Signage branding is as important for your business as advertising and marketing. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will help you create a sign that makes an excellent first impression, increases your profitability, and leads to repeat business.

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