6 HR Software That Every Business Should Consider

by Business Intelligence Published on: 04 October 2021 Last Updated on: 23 March 2023

HR Software

Between finding the best candidates, hiring, onboarding, training, and ensuring compliance, there are other things under the hat of an HR professional.

Though your employees may like their job for numerous reasons, there would be definite reasons to make them hate it, like no work recognition, and missing a paycheck.

Without using the right technology, it can become a nightmare to manage your workforce.

That’s where specialized HR software comes into the picture. Businesses of all sizes use HR software to hire suitable talent and improve efficiency and employee experience at the same time.

Using these tools, you can navigate the intricacies of hiring, performance management, and provide benefits to your employees.

Interestingly, these HR tools make the complex side of your business more routine and help an employee grow in an organization.

In this article, we discuss some HR software to consider and ensure you effectively manage all your human resources-related problems.

6 HR Software that Every Business Should Consider

5 HR Software that Every Business Should Consider

Here are five HR software to consider.

1. Sense HR: Best customizable HR system with flexible worker types

Sense HR offers all the power of traditional HR systems while being future-proof. Despite complex structures with diverse employment types and shift patterns, the system allows companies to take confident control of all HR administration – from legally required documentation to optional perks. Sense HR has modules for smooth onboarding designed to be simple, logical, and engaging both for the newly employed and also for the HR professionals.

However, the fact that Sense.HR offers full customization may be one of its most important benefits. From the types of data you store to the color schemes, menu buttons, and even the field labels, SenseHR lets you customize every aspect of your HR software. The SenseHR logo can even be replaced with your own logo – and then the entire system’s color scheme can be customized to match.

As the modern workforce is becoming more diverse and made up of contingent workers – part-timers, consultants, freelancers, and seasonal workers HR professionals need to create customized profiles for every single person. Sense.HR provides different profile types for everyone no matter if they are agency workers, zero-hour contracts, or even unpaid volunteers. Additionally, each member of the organization gets access to their own personal dashboard to help them quickly find the HR services most relevant to them or their employment type.

Ideal for: Organizations of all sizes looking for a system with a lot of capacity for flexibility

Pricing: Pricing starts from $1.50 per person per month

2.  TestGorilla – Best for pre-employment screening

TestGorilla is an all-in-one cloud-hosted HR candidate assessment software that gives you the tools necessary to hire a suitable candidate for your job. The platform provides a built-in library of screening tests to help you and your team assess candidates without bias.

Using TestGorilla, HR professionals can create custom video questions and seek video responses from candidates. Without any bias, you and your team can assess candidates.

Interestingly, using TestGorilla, you can streamline your hiring process and make faster, easier, and effective decisions. Apart from choosing the relevant questionnaire, your team can access a recruiting assessment test that helps you test candidates based upon skills required to excel in a job role.

For further filtering out suitable candidates, you can add any custom questions based upon your job requirement.

Test Gorilla doesn’t stop by providing you with relevant questionnaires. Instead, this test platform provides you with extensive analytical tools and actionable reports. You get a report of each test as soon as the candidate completes an exam.

Also, this intelligent platform ranks candidates according to the score they receive. Furthermore, with the in-depth analysis, you can decide which questions to ask during the interview process.

To make your life easier, TestGorilla offers built-in support for various file types, including CSV, and gives you access to essential applications like applicant tracking system (ATS) and Zapier, thereby making it a cost-effective decision. This level of support ensures you not only hire a suitable candidate, but it ensures you’re equipped with everything required for a smooth pre-hiring process.

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes looking for a way to find suitable candidates for every vacant position

Pricing: Offers a free plan, and their paid plan starts at $300 per year.

3.  APS Payroll – Best for payroll management

As the name suggests, this software has its roots in payroll and provides a platform for efficient payroll management in an organization.

The software lives up to its name to make payroll and HR easier and provides HR professionals with intuitive HR technology to hire suitable candidates for a job role. This unified solution helps in simplifying all your workforce management tasks and works by processing payrolls within hours.

APS is a must-have software in your arsenal because it takes care of your HR administration, scheduling, recruiting, onboarding, and compliance, all in a single cloud-based platform.

Interestingly, APS is a scalable and centralized system that simplifies the work of HR professionals by freeing up their time. As it automates your payroll processes, small and mid-sized businesses can run their business more efficiently. This gives HR professionals umpteen time to manage and scale the productivity of their team members.

The compliance department ensures all payrolls are tax paid in full and on time. If you don’t want to get lost in the administration realm of your HR department, it’s a tool you cannot overlook,

Ideal for: Small and mid-sized businesses

Pricing: Offers no free plan, and you need to contact the company to know about their paid plans.

4.  Workday – Best for human capital management (HCM)

Another mammoth HR software widely used in Workday. Their HCM software has all the tools necessary to manage people-related tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. From organizing, staffing, and paying employees to manage activities from hiring to retirement, Workday takes care of all and allows you to focus on building a productive team.

Using Workday, you can keep track of all your employees and analyze them based on their salary, position, history, or other factors.

Workday HCM offers an intuitive platform that provides greater visibility into employee compensation and performance and helps you analyze and design payroll based on performance.

Using Workday, you can manage compensation based on equity, allowances, variable pay, and other factors. It helps in giving your workforce the reward they deserve for their hard work.

Interestingly, using machine learning, this platform understands the skills of your employees and helps in honing talent that you may require in the coming years for filling a vacant position.

Companies that use Workday can plan their future workforce much ahead in time, identify potential talent gaps existing in an organization, and gain a complete overview of their workforce.

Last but not least, Workday HCM boasts of an intuitive interface with regular updates that can help you make an informed business decision.

Ideal for: Midsize and enterprise businesses

Pricing: Offers no free plan or trial, and you need to contact the sales team to get a quotation

5.  Kissflow HR– Best for employee onboarding

Another software with a unique twist is Kissflow HR. It manages all HR processes from hiring to retirement. By using this software, businesses can align their company’s objectives with their hiring process.

Apart from hiring a suitable candidate, Kissflow helps track employee attendance, monitor the performance of your workforce, and handle leaves and paid-time-off.

It also boasts of features like applicant tracking, employee onboarding, employee offboarding, and leave management. Using Kissflow HR, human resources professionals can create a performance-driven culture and provide 360-degree feedback to all employees.

Companies that use Kissflow HR successfully build an engaged workforce because the software helps in hiring the right people for a vacant position. Also, it provides a seamless onboarding process for employees, which helps keep them engaged for a long time.

Interestingly, the actionable reviews and feedback the software provides can increase employees’ learning curve and keep them happy at your organization.

Ideal for: Startups and small businesses

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $10 per user per month, and their fully loaded plan starts at $19 per user per month.

6.  Zoho People – Best for people management

As a part of the Zoho product suite, Zoho People is a secure web-based HR solution that helps streamline an organization’s HR workflow. Unlike others on this list, Zoho People provides an intuitive platform for employees and employers to manage different HR matters like onboarding, people management, leave management, attendance tracking, and answering employees’ questions.

This software is adept at employee recordkeeping around leaves and vacations and can seamlessly track billable hours, schedule shifts, and manage the attendance of your workforce.

That’s why it’s a great HR software for companies that primarily work with hourly workers and contractors.

As the platform primarily focuses on people management and provides employees with a self-service portal, managing day-to-day HR operations becomes easy with Zoho People.

Also, it’s renowned for performance management. The better reviews and feedback you provide to your employees, the better the performance of your employees. Interestingly, using Zoho People, companies can provide continuous feedback to their workforce and help them learn from their mistakes and grow.

Interestingly, with Zoho People, admin, managers, and employees can set their goals and track their progress.

Using Zoho’s intuitive platform, managers can provide ratings and reviews to their employees based on their performance. It’s a tool in your arsenal that can help you scale your business and reach new heights in HR.

Ideal for: Small businesses

Pricing: Their essential HR plan starts at ₹48 per user per month, and their people plus starts at ₹350 per user per month

Choosing the best HR software for your company

Choosing the best HR software for your company

Irrespective of your company’s size and turnover, every business can benefit from using HR software. Before choosing one that suits your requirement, determine whether the platform provides employee self-service, mobile access, ease of use, payroll and benefits administration, automation, and leave management.

Try to figure out which HR software fits your requirement and helps you solve the roadblocks your business faces.

When searching for HR software, set your expectations high, but don’t settle for mediocre or below-average software. Choosing the best software for your organization can help you manage your HR department and ensure a happy workforce.

Which of these HR tools are you planning to implement in your organization?

Please share your thoughts with us!

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