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by Starting a Business Published on: 12 March 2018 Last Updated on: 05 April 2023

Business Brand

Developing and maintaining a memorable brand is one of the most valuable features a business can have. People are known to prefer buying from brands they know and love and even in today’s changing climate, gaining customer loyalty is still an important element of a business strategy. The marketplace is fiercely competitive so standing out in the crowd is also a vital element of a brand’s overall concept. Striving to bring something new to the table and differentiating your business from others out there can also help to gain traction in an ever-changing climate. There are several steps in ensuring you have everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Getting these steps right is important to get your business seen in the right places and encourages growth for future prosperity. Take a look at some of the most important factors in bringing your brand to fruition.

 Defining your target audience :

Before you get excited about the finished product, you need to take stock of who you are selling it to. Although you think your idea is the best things since sliced bread, there will be people who disagree but also a subset that get fully behind you. These are the people you want to target. So how do you determine this audience? Research is key here, and this isn’t just market research for your own brand ideas. Seeking information about your competitors and analyzing audiences gives you some insight into where you should focus your efforts.

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is also a good way to ask questions and find solutions to potential issues. Determining factors such as where you will sell the products such as online or in stores will also give you guidance on your brand’s accessibility in the market and any problems with logistics that may arise.

Creating brand identity :

After you’ve dedicated some time to establish your target audience, you need to bring ideas together to develop your branding and identity. This stage isn’t just how your logo will look; it’s about developing something that conveys your message in a positive nature. The design has an important element to play here, as fussy or confusing branding can have detrimental effects on how customers perceive your organization. Anything that is also too complicated is often ignored. When you know who your target audience is, it is easier to develop your ideas. You’ll know what appeals to this subset of people and using the help of a professional, like Deuce your trusted branding design agency partner, can offer insight into workable ideas and something unique to your brand.

Consistency is key, as this branding will be for everything from your shop front logo, down to the letterheads in the office. When you are at the stage of designing and implementing branding on packaging, specialists such as Jansy are able to help you develop every aspect of the perfect message. Conveying this message across all channels will bring everything in line and offers you a relatable and manageable identity to develop for the future.

Forming a brand voice and creating personas :

As part of developing a brand identity, considering how you will communicate to your audience is key in developing a fluid and relatable product. This stage can be considered during or just after the initial identity development and is important when conveying the whole message from initial contact through to end customer service. Deciding your brand’s tone of voice is important to provide consistency in every part of the business. There are several concepts to choose from to suit different brands including friendly, informative, professional and service-orientated to name a few. The decision needs to be considered carefully as this is vital for communication between the brand and consumers and has to resonate with the target audience.

Marketing your brand :

As you develop each aspect of your branding, understanding how you will market the final product is another key element in promoting your identity. Marketing plays a huge role, especially for new businesses coming into the market and if not implemented effectively, could see you fail before you’ve had a chance get started. Planning the marketing strategy is also an important step in telling your audience about the product or service you are providing. Consistency is also key here, as the marketing effort should match that of the brand identity and tone of voice strategy.

If your marketing is not speaking to the target audience, then you will fall at the first hurdle, as you will not spark interest. Building a multi-faceted approach to marketing is also vital to ensure you reach every possible sector. Opportunities in web, social media and traditional avenues offer the chance to reach people on different levels. Engaging customers and integrating your brand into their lifestyle is a more effective way to gauge interest rather than the hard sell approach. Utilizing every avenue will also open up new audiences and give you greater insight into targeted advertising and the chance to gain feedback from your customers.

Why it’s important to invest your time in branding?

With all the excitement of bringing a product or idea to life sometimes the foundation of good branding are not fully realized. This could be due to limited budget or time constraints. However not planning and implementing an effective strategy could see you face struggles from the beginning. Branding and identity planning takes time and effort, and there are no quick fixes if you are looking to build a business that makes an impact. Each stage is just as important as the next, and if you feel you are not ready to move to the next step, it is better to re-evaluate where you are than move forward with an incomplete or rushed process.

Building a business and ultimately your brand is one of the most exciting steps in bringing your ideas to life. Effective planning and processes will help to bring your message to your target audience and start a conversation with your customers and other market leaders.

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