How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business? – Best Guide Of 2022

by social media Published on: 25 February 2022 Last Updated on: 04 March 2022

Social Media Marketing

Are you daydreaming about planning and starting your own social agency? Are you clueless about where to start, what to do, which areas to focus on? Well, no more daydreaming or cluelessness as you have arrived in our blog today. Here, I will be sharing all the hacks and lessons about how to kick off your own social media marketing agency.

Keep scrolling and read our guide till the end to get all the details.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing

Let’s start with a background explanation of social media marketing. The term Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the use of special networks for marketing a business’s services and products. Social media marketing enables organizations to engage vigorously with the existing customer base and promote their mission, vision, culture, objectives, etc.

In the post-pandemic world, SMM has changed the way businesses work, and also we function as a part of society. Social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are able to control consumer behavior. Thus the social media marketing agencies imply a wide range of tactics and strategies for the purpose of promotion.

As per the viewpoints of Buffer, the 5 pillars of social media marketing are as follows:

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Publishing
  • Listening And Engagement
  • Analytics And Reporting
  • Advertising

Starting Social Media Agency In 2022 – A Step-By-Step Guide

Starting Social Media Agency In 2022

During the 2010s, starting your own social media marketing agency would have been just a dream. Facebook Ads and Adwords were there to target the prospective clients easily. In addition, channels were fewer while competition was also lower.

But in 2022, the backdrop of global lockdown is here. Plus, the competition has taken a drastic spike. So, now you need to level up your game. Here is a 10-step comprehensive procedure of your social media agency journey this year.

1. Learn Everything Related To Social Media And Content Marketing

Social Media And Content Marketing

The first step of how to do social media marketing agency is learning stuff beyond social media or marketing. This will keep you in touch with the latest developments and trends. Some learning areas you must focus on are accounting, profit-loss, human resources, technology, etc.

2. Identify Your Niche

Identify Your Niche

To make your agency earn a handsome social media marketing salary, choose the niches wisely.

You need to have zero-in on the following:

  • The industries you want to work with.
  • Social platforms you want to strengthen.
  • Scope of the services you will be providing.

3. Know Your Proposition

Know Your Proposition

Identify and structure your value proposition for the targeted customer or market segments. It’s like an elevator pitch that should be appealing and engaging enough to convince the clients. Make sure your pitch is carrying the tone about how your services will benefit the customer.

4. Make A Budget Of Your Agency Running Costs

Budget Of Your Agency Running Costs

Do you want your agency to earn a lump sum amount of social media marketing salary? Then create a budget plan considering all the expenses you are going to bear. This includes but is not limited to: Set up costs, software licenses (Slack, Basecamp), Running cost/office space, staff costs, legal license costs, own marketing costs (PR, Events, Facebook Ads, Adsense, etc.). A well-structured budget will safeguard you from a series of unexpected costs.

5. Pick Out Your Services

Pick Out Your Services

Choose exactly what services your Social Media Marketing business would provide. Ensure the ones you are selecting will benefit you also in the long term from a monetary standpoint. Some of the typical offerings of social media agencies include Content writing, social media copywriting, social media strategist, Social media manager, designing, community management, etc.

6. Frame A Plan Of How You Will Charge

Frame A Plan Of How You Will Charge

Decide how you are gonna charge for your services as a marketing agency. There are three options you will get under this: Hour Based, Project Based, Monthly Retainer. For intermediate positions like content creation and community management, you can charge $50-$100/hour.

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7. Write Down The Research And Marketing Strategy

Research And Marketing Strategy

Would you really want to start a client campaign without framing strategy? That doesn’t make sense at all; plus, it’s risky. So, do extensive research and marketing to build your own personalized strategies that best fit your needs.

This may include:

  • Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Your Tone Of Voice Document (TOV).
  • The Brand Style Guide.
  • Industry Competitor Analysis.
  • Create a Pitch Deck.

8. Launch Successfully

Launch Successfully

It’s time to launch your social media marketing business plan successfully. No matter what’s your business type- virtual or physical,

Following factors you have to take into account:

  • Is your website up and running?
  • Are your social media channels popping?
  • Is your business listed on Google business?
  • Did you ready your PR Plan?
  • Is Your agent listed?

Once the answers to all these questions are yes, your social media marketing company will be launched.

9. Use These Paid And Free Tools For The Clients

Paid And Free Tools For The Clients

It’s better to invest for the agency and the clients rather than deal with unnecessary costs. I recommend you to start using these free tools to make your agency’s performance rock:

  • Zoom
  • Trello
  • Dropbox
  • Canva

Implementation of these would fasten your company, remove communication gaps and earn more leads.

10. Onboard The Clients

Onboard The Clients

The last step is to welcome the clients onboard after signing them up. You can complete this procedure effectively through Skype or Zoom meetings. Failure to do this step correctly might lead to complaints, miscommunication, or even client loss.

A checklist is given below in this regard:

  • Are the high-authority members on the call?
  • Have they signed and returned all the documents?
  • Set expectations regarding your deadlines.
  • Ask for more questions.

That’s all about how to do social media marketing and launch an agency smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Social Media Marketing Business Profitable?

Social media marketing business can be profitable if you can successfully apply the best practices. This includes targeting your audience, sending appropriate messages on social channels, and maintaining consistency. As per’s research, the social media marketing salary is $50,000 per year on average (for SM managers).

Q2. How Do I Start A Social Media Marketing Agency With No Experience?

To start a digital marketing agency with zero experience,

Follow the steps below:

  • Set the business goals considering what do you want to achieve.
  • Identify your target audiences.
  • Strengthen your online presence.
  • Make yourself visible, outreach to leads and clients.
  • Formulate your own growth plan.

Q3. How Much Should I Charge To Post On Social Media?

Social media marketing jobs are cool trends these days. For entry-level positions, you can charge $15-$50/hour. This includes virtual assistant duties and social media posting. For intermediate positions like content creation and community management, charge $50-$100/hour. Lastly, for advanced positions like brand and marketing strategist, charge $120-$250/hour.

Our Closing Words

Running your own social media marketing agency for the first time is a matter of challenge. But following the steps above would eliminate the barriers. Do you know it’s only 3% of marketing agencies that last 50+ years? Definitely, you could be one of them; all you have to do is play strategically and stick to the script, at least for the first 2-3 years.

Having any questions for us related to the social media marketing world? Drop them in the comment area below.

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