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Mediatakeout is a popular website that focuses on celebrity news and gossip related to mostly Hollywood stars. The website was formerly known as MTO News and is a gossip website styled like a blog. The website mainly focuses on celebrity news and entertainment. Most of the news on the website focuses on African American celebrities, as per the claims of the Wikipedia page.

In this article, you will learn some of the essential details of Mediatakeout and its history. Furthermore, we will also discuss how the website became a big success after its launch and why it has a unique audience base.

Furthermore, we shall also discuss Mediatakeout’s business model. Finally, we will share some of the most interesting facts about Mediatakeout with you. Hence, to learn more about the Mediatakeout News website, read on through to the end of the article.

Mediatakeout – A History Of The Site

Fred Mwangaguhunga, a corporate lawyer, founded Mediatakeout. He is based in Washington, DC, and was born to Ugandan parents. Mwangaguhunga studied law at the City University of New York in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also has two more degrees in similar disciplines from the University of Columbia.

As Mwangaguhunga started Mediatakeout (formerly MTO), he decided that he would not return to his law career, even if the Mediatakeout website stopped running. He launched the website in the year 2006 and started receiving thousands of visitors within a few days since he came up with very interesting topics to cover on his site.

According to, “Starting a gossip site wasn’t a lifelong aspiration of Mwangaguhunga. The son of Ugandan immigrants who stressed education and the security of a good 9-to-5 job, he initially chose a more traditional education and career path.”

Currently, Mediatakeout gets millions of views on its news articles and gossip pages. The best part is that Mwangaguhunga just started the website from scratch with a minimal payment of just US $600. Now, his earnings are in the millions.

Mwangaguhunga did not want to pursue a career in law and started an online laundry business. However, with time, he switched his career to online advertising and blogging. With time, he came up with the idea of opening a celebrity gossip website to target a niche audience. Hence, he launched Meiatakeout, where he only focused on celebrity news and gossip.

As good things come to notice faster, the website became popular within a few months, and it ranks as one of the top 20K websites on Alexa, as per global data. Currently, the platform receives millions of traffic. A good way to make the website popular, eh?

How Did Mediatakeout Become Successful In No Time?

Like every successful business was once at the start, Media Take Out focused on what its viewers wanted rather than stuffing viewers with unnecessary news. Hence, it started focusing on its readers’ needs and building strong brand equity.

Mwangaguhunga, the owner of the website, even learned how top news websites and the most successful social media websites grew their business. He learned that most of them build their sites audience-centric. Hence, he followed suit with his website, and it became successful in no time.

Mwangaguhunga focused on building the brand, and it turned out to be the best thing he could do for his website. It allowed the website to command a higher rate of advertisements. Meanwhile, he also focused on attracting gossip stories and other key stories that had the ability to attract more audiences.

Media Take Out focused on getting good sources for stories to turn on the readership base. Hence, the website was successful within just six months of smart work.

What Is The Business Model Of Mediatakeout?

The business model of Media Take Out is just like any other media and news company – advertisement. Since the website comes with unique content (containing celebrity news and gossip), it attracts a high number of viewers. This helps in attracting many advertisements as well. This, in turn, allows the Media Take Out website to earn its revenues.

The website posts breaking news in such a way that it is able to attract much traffic within a short span of time. Once a piece of news is posted, it gets a lot of shares on social media, and the news goes viral in no time. This is how the website gets most of its viewers.

A Few Interesting Facts

One of the first things that you will notice on Media Take Out is that it uses attractive headings on its website’s content. These attractive headings and pictures attract new audiences faster into the news. Here are some of the interesting facts you need to know about Media Take Out:

1. Media Take Out (MTO) is considering expanding its content base and will start making videos on YouTube and other social media platforms as well. They will also expand their content on television and radio.

2. When a piece of news is posted on the website, the news gets circulated on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is how the website gets more audience, as they click on the social media posts and get redirected to the website.

3. Media Take Out had a good relationship with Kanye West. However, after the infamous criticism of Kanye West, the readership and traffic of the website were negatively affected.

4. Most of the stories that Media Take Out posts on their website come from insider sources (especially from near and close ones of celebrities).

Bottom Line

Mediatakeout is a popular website and is not running at the moment. Fred Mwangaguhunga started the website to focus on celebrities and their news and gossip stories. The website is still active, and you can get insider stories from Hollywood to stay updated on celebrity news and gossip.

Do you think Mediatakeout will grow in the near future? What is your take on Mediatakeout, and what do you think needs to change about it? Share your views on the matter in the comments section below.

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